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I started this blog to put my views in front of the world and slowly I realized that people love my content especially the ones related to Hollywood Movies and T.V Series. I won 'Top 200 Movie Blogs 2018' award by Feedspot and I was nominated in India's Top 30 Under 30 2018 Social Media Marketers. 

I love watching Movies and discussing them. I am a big-time comics reader and comics movie fan. Most of the time, I share my comics knowledge with my followers and they love it. Comics and Movies are two most important part of my life and I am working on something I love... That's what keeps me happy!

Sometimes, I also write about other stuff like Travel, Life, Automobiles etc. My motive is to keep sharing interesting & fun content with all.

Thank You All!
Ankit Malik (aKi)

ankit2world Delhi Top Blogger
Ankit Malik (aki)