FRIENDS REUNION is happening this month, Are you ready?

Friends Reunion - Ankit2World

I come bearing news that will bring positivity and relief for all of you! Especially during these hard times in our country. The long-awaited, very well known and loved by millions of people around the world show FRIENDS is back. Well, that’s the good news.

Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and my personal favorite and one of the very first TV crush of mine Jennifer Aniston will be seen together on an unscripted show by HBO MAX.

Friends which started in1994 and sadly ended in 2004 was and still is one of the best SITCOM ever… Even today it rarely leaves the top 10 shows place on Netflix India. Like me, there are millions of fans around the world and we all are super happy about the latest update on the FRIENDS. We’ll be watching them after a long time and we just can’t keep our hearts inside our chest.
Friends Ankit2WorldThe most beloved FRIENDS is coming back on 27-May-2021 only on the HBO Max streaming platform. Their first teaser is here and people are going craaazy! BUT the reunion won’t be a scripted episode of the FRIENDS or a continuity story, but it’s more like a celebration of the show which will be completely unscripted with lots of special appearances which includes celebrities and this TV shows fans like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and many more…

Here’s the list:
Friends Reunion guest list - Ankit2WorldWe can only wish for a series and hope the producers understand the true popularity of the show with this one-hour special. We wish Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey all the very best and wait desperately for the day to come!

Have a sneak peek at the teaser released by HBO MAX

He’s TRANSPONSTER!!! That’s not even a WORD!!!
Ankit Malik (aKi)