5 Doordarshan TV Series I would love to see again

Only 80s and Early 90s people will understand the feeling attached to this particular article. There was a time when Doordarshan used to be our favorite TV channel, or should I say, the only mode of entertainment when it comes to television. I was small back then, I remember sitting in front of the TV along with my family sharing laughs and emotions together. Life was not running anywhere or so busy. Everyone had time for each other and the best part is that there were no mobile phones.

I was surfing through YouTube the other day when I heard a music which took me back to my beautiful childhood days. I felt DejaVu. For a minute everything around me took a deep silent pause and I felt the warmth of those older days and the love of my family sitting beside me watching a TV series on Doordarshan. For some people, these TV serials are just like any other show but for many I am sure there are many feelings and memories attached to the same.

I wish I could go back in time and re-live the moment with my family while watching the same shows that connected us together. Not like today’s TV soaps that only revolve around one thing, I mean the ‘Saas-Bahu’ thing. Aren’t people bored of them yet? I still wait for the day when someone will come up with something which is loved, not just sold for the sake of TRPs. I believe every 80s and early 90s person reading this will relate to me in terms of feeling and the flashes at the back of their minds of those golden days.

Let’s take a small secret journey into our beautiful childhood time and re-live those amazing memories again. Here’s the list of my 5 personal favorite Doordarshan TV series I would love to watch again!

1. Dekh Bhai Dekh 

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2. DuckTales and TalesSpin 

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3. Potli Baba Ki 

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4. The Jungle Book 

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5. Alif Laila 

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Bonus Addition:

6. Chandrakanta (Not to forget Kroor Singh)

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No matter how boring these shows may seem to today’s generation, these were the only mode of entertainment for me and my cousins all along. I would still love to sit with my family and see these spectacular shows again!

Feel free to share your favourite TV-Series from 80s and 90s in the comments below

Miss those days!
Ankit Malik (aKi)