10 Interesting Unknown Facts about TV Show ‘FRIENDS’ 1994

We all love FRIENDS, don’t we? It’s been 13 Years since the last episode of Friends aired, but the show still looks fresh and will continue to woo the audience in coming years for sure. If you have not seen friends yet, believe me you are missing something in life.

Friends is story about 6 Friends ‘Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston’, ‘Ross Geller played by David Schwimmer ’, ‘Monica Geller played by Courteney Cox’, ‘Joey Tribbiani played by Matt LeBlanc’, ‘Chandler Bing played by Matthew Perry’ and ‘Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow’ who lives in the heart of New York City. Over the course of time these friends have gone through a massive mayhem, past trouble, romances, fights, laughs, tears, jobs, family and much more together which made them realize the value of a true friendship in life.

from left to right: Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow

This blog is my tribute to one of my most loved TV series of all time. FRIENDS. So let’s uncover 10 Unknown interesting Facts about 1994 FRIENDS

  • Originally the show was going to focus on just four characters: Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Joey. Phoebe and Chandler were going to be supporting characters.

  • Monica and Joey were originally intended to be the main couple on the show.

  • In the early stages of development, the writers considered making Chandler gay.

  • The artwork in Central Perk is changed every three episodes.

  • Friends was offered an eleventh season, but the cast turned it down because they felt it would ruin the reputation of the show.

  • The final episode was watched by 52.46 million viewers and is the fourth most-watched television series finale in U.S. history.

  • Season 2 is the only season without a Thanksgiving episode.

  • The full names of the characters are:

    Chandler Muriel Bing

    Rachel Karen Green

    Ross Eustace Geller

    Monica E. Geller (Never learn what the E stands for)

    Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.

    Phoebe Buffay

  • Joey’s pick-up line, “How *you* doin’?” was ranked #4 in TV Guide’s list of “TV’s 20 Top Catchphrases”

  • In 2008 the show was Ranked #7 on Empire magazine’s 50 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time

  • When Courteney Cox dressed as fat Monica for the first time, Matthew Perry walked right past her without recognizing her.

No matter how old we grow, we will never stop loving the best TV show of all time. Don’t forget to comment if you liked the blog. 

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