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Marvel’s Phase 4 upcoming projects – Complete List

Now that Avengers: Endgame has successfully occupied the throne of the highest-earning movie of the world surpassing Avtaar, I was wondering what’s next? This...

Is Wonder Woman is Dying in Justice League Issue 42

I just love reading comics, especially the latest version. But with great fun and information comes great responsibility. Well, I learned that after reading...

Heard of Indian Devi Comics by Shekhar Kapoor

‘Shekhar Kapoor’ who is a famous director of Hollywood movies like ‘Elizabeth (1998) and ‘The Four Feathers’, and Bollywood movies like ‘Bandit Queen’ and...

5 Amazing Facts of Indian Comics World

Comics in India began in the mid-1960s and people went crazy for comics in India. During this time comic was an expensive mode of...

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