Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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‘Justice League’ is the Lowest Grossing Movie in the DC Universe...

NEWS: Justice League silently ended the domestic screening at the box office with total earning on $229 Million only. Unfortunately, these numbers make Justice...

Sorry ‘Batgirl’, Warner Bros. will continue focusing on mainline DC Superheroes.

I wonder if DC wants to expand its universe. Aren’t we bored of repeated Superman, Batman movies yet? DC has a stronger and much...

New ‘Justice League’ Trailer Review. Sorry But It SUCKS Big Time.

The more I watch Jack Snyder's content, the more I realize he just doesn’t understand Batman for everything that Batman's done. He hasn't watched...

Batman v Superman is now officially the worst movie of 2016

Whoa, seems like the life of DC fans are falling apart. Sorry guys but it’s true. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now...

Jared Leto gone too far as JOKER? Yes!

Before anything else let me tell you, I am sacred of Joker (Circus Joker) not the one Heath Ledger played in The Dark Knight...

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