Why India will never have its own Good Superhero Movie?

Image Credits: https://www.thetechoutlook.com | DC | Superman

Hmmm, I know you came here to hate, you came here to tell me that the title is not true, you came here to prove me wrong, then you are the perfect kinds I was looking for to read the blog.

I would love to break your dilemma of an Indian superhero in Indian culture and here are the reasons why our country will never get a superhero of its own.

a.Our talent of ignorance:

Oh yes, we are one of the most ignorant packs and the best part is that we have become pretty good at it as well. There was a time when comics were blooming in India but what did we do… We said that comics are not good for children and they should focus on their studies. Our comics and the creators are lost in the darkness of our ignorance and very few of them left which we are sure of are not making any profit doing the same.

b. Bollywood – Tollywood Action movies:

Who needs a superhero when a normal person in these movies can perform actions with superstrength that even Superman will think twice before doing it. I have left no scope for our Indian comics superheroes.

c. Religion cartoons and movies:

Sometimes I feel pretty bad for our Gods – they were meant to be respected but our cartoons have turned them into superheroes where they are beating the crap out of the bad guys. C, mon, I mean why our dear beloved Gods need to be our superheroes.

d. Hollywood Movies:

The bar Hollywood has set is so big that it’s impossible for us to even think about having a superhero. Most of the actions performed in the movies in India are copied from sci-fi or superhero movies from Hollywood.

e. No Culture:

We don’t have a culture of it. We don’t have the value of comics, we don’t value creativity, we are intolerable and ignorant. There can never be a Super Comando Dhruv park in India. Nope!

The aim of the blog is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments but to open the eyes of the generation which is very much influenced by western culture and doesn’t value the awesome creators we have in our beautiful country.

I love DOGA
Ankit Malik (aKi)