The Predator 2018 the Movie which was not required

The Predator 2018 the Movie which was not required - A2W

I am a huge Predator and Aliens movie fan. Luckily I got an Invite via my beloved Star Movies in #StarMoviesSecretScreening and I was pretty excited to watch the movie but all the excitement took a back-seat in staring 30mins of the movie. I think a movie which is based on such a caliber mainline character ‘Predator’ was not required at this moment. 

Well, sorry to say but I am hugely disappointed. For me, the Predator 2018 storyline is completely flat-wired. A request to the director and story writer, please do not release a movie if you do not have an extraordinary storyline. Don’t make a movie just for sake of it because at the end you are spoiling the charisma of Predator and its characteristics which is loved by millions of movie lovers.

We know what Predator can do, we know their powers, we know how can one survive from their attacks (Thanks to our Muddy Arnold) So, we were expecting something new. Plus, on top of that, the director failed to work on the most amazing notion of the movie that is Suspense & Thriller. To me, it seems like a plain action movie in which the predator was not required.

The Predator 2018 is a movie about a kid who accidentally summons the predator to earth. The kid is the son of a military soldier who with the help of a science teacher save the earth from the lethal Predators. At the later stage, we discover that Predator is fighting among them. Now we have an evolved predator that is bigger and stronger than the normal one. After this, I actually slept during the movie (No Spoilers) The Predator 2018 the Movie which was not required - A2W

The actions are pretty normal and lack WOW effects. CGI looked good as usual and the story is pathetic. I will give this movie 2 stars only because it has Predators in it.

2 Stars out of 5

Ankit Malik (aKi)