The Nun is here. Beware!

The Nun is here. Beware! - Ankit2World

Oh, Dear, the latest trailer of The Nun is terrifying as hell. I am sure the movie is going to be scary as well. They are calling it the darkest chapter of the conjuring series. People have mixed emotions for the trailer, for some it’s scary and for some not much. Well, it depends on person to person. I found the trailer quite interesting and spooky.

The Nun is a prequel of The Conjuring movie as it happened way before the events took place in The Conjuring. In Conjuring 2, Valek the demon took the form of a demonic nun and I am sure The Nun movie will showcase the not only the history of the nun but will highlight Valek the demon as well.

Have a look at the trailer which also includes the credit scene from the Annabelle Creation movie credit scene:

Well, I think the movie will do good and rest depends on the storyline and special effects. The move is set to release on 7-Sep-2018

Ankit Malik (aKi)