The Greatest Showman Movie Review by A2W

Thanks to Star Movies India for allowing me to see this spectacular movie before its release. Yes, I am a Secret keeper lucky enough to attend the last Star Movies Secret Screening of the year, and what a way to end Secret Screening by showcasing The Greatest Showman.

Hugh Jackman has been always my favourite star and his performance in The Greatest Showman is astonishing. He played P.T Barmun who was an American showman for his famous Barnum & Bailey Circus. A beautiful biography of P.T Barnum is what The Greatest Showman recites to us. The movie is based on a musical Broadway theme. But the songs are well-scripted fluid with amazing music. The songs are not at all boring, so if you love good music but not musical movies you will still be able to survive with ease throughout the movie. 

The whole movie is based on the struggle of P.T Burman who rises from poverty to become a showman while facing multiple rejections by the people who believe his ideas and creations was fake. But at the end he achieve his dream while realizing the true value of family, work and friends. I also love the romance between Zac Efron (Phillip Carlyle) & Zendaya (Anne Wheeler). Zac Efron the High School Musical kid still got the moves and showcased the same in the movie. Phillip Carlyle (Zac) a rich kid who breaks all the rules of high society by loving a Black trapeze artist and clubbing with P.T Barmun for his circus as a 10% partner. 

Another WOW factor of the movie is the music as mentioned earlier. My favourite is the Opera song ‘never enough’ acted by Rebecca Ferguson. She was a perfect fit for ‘Jenny Lind’ role in the movie. She played a very famous opera singer from Sweden. I found Jenny a powerful yet completely an unknown mystery altogether.

Overall I loved watching ‘The Greatest Showman’ for its Music and Acting but I think direction could have been better.

I rate The Greatest Showman 3.5 out of 5

But as I always suggest my reader, Go see, decide for yourself and provide me with inputs in the comments.

Watched It Before You
Ankit Malik (aKi)

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