Thanos is scared of Tony Stark Here is the Proof

Thanos is scared of Tony Stark Here is the proof - Ankit2World

Avengers: Endgame is around the corner and we are pretty sure that Tony Stark along with Steve Rogers and Thor is going to give a tough fight to the Mad Titan. But have you ever noticed that Thanos is afraid of Tony Stark and not Thor?

We all know that Thor is the strongest Avenger but why Thanos is not scared of him but Tony Stark, and how I am sure about the theory? It’s simple, In Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve realized that Thanos is not on a killing spree, there are many times when he left a couple of characters alive because he doesn’t want to kill them. Thanos is the most intelligent being in the Marvel Universe and after seeing Avengers: Infinity War we can surely say sensible too, it’s not that I am taking Thanos’s side, but think again he did all that for a purpose he believes in. We’ve never seen Thanos in an aggressive mode, instead, we’ve seen his humble side in many of the Avengers Infinity War Scenes.

Still, the question remains, why Thanos is scared of Tony Stark? And the answer is that Tony Stark is the only Superhero in the movie Thanos wanted to kill.

Well, let’s do a head count!
Thanos killed Loki because of his betrayal and issues with the time when Loki attacked New York on sayings of Thanos and failed miserably.

-Thanos left Thor- He could have killed him but he left him to die.

-Thanos Kidnapped Gamora and left the rest Guardians of the Galaxy alive

-Thanos sacrificed Gamore unwillingly for the Soul Stone and even criedThanos is scared of Tony Stark Here is the proof - Ankit2World

-Thanos left everyone alive again while leaving the planet Titan

-Thanos killed Vision for the Mind Stone in order to complete his mission

-Thanos did the finger snap and still left everyone aliveThanos is scared of Tony Stark Here is the proof - Ankit2World

Which tells us that Thanos doesn’t want to kill them, instead he let the fate (finger snap) decided for them. As per Thanos, he did all this to save lives and bring balance to the universe. BUT…

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is the only superhero Thanos wanted to kill and almost succeed. Also, Thanos knew Tony Stark by name and when Tony asked Thanos, how does Thanos know his name, Thanos said: “you are not the only one curse with knowledge Tony”.

Thanos wanted to kill Tony Stark so bad that despite hurting him with Iron Man Suit’s blade he was willing to use the stones on him. He also stated that – “You have my respect Stark. When I am done, half of the universe will still be alive – I Hope they remember you, Tony”

Though, Thanks to Dr. Strange for the barter – Tony’s life for the Time stone – No Tricks.

So why out of all the Superheroes, Thanos wanted to kill Tony Stark and didn’t allow fate to decide for him? Simple – Because I think, Thanos and Tony are connected in some manner and Thanos is scared of him.

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Go, Tony!
Ankit Malik (aKi)