‘Spider Man Homecoming’ a true tribute to our Superhero (4.5 Star – A2W Review)

People are loving it, they are calling it the best superhero movie of 2017. Fresh baked out of the Owen and utterly funny. Spider Man Homecoming is winning hearts worldwide. With 94% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes surpassing Wonder Women, our friendly neighborhood spidey is doing wonders himself. 

When I went to see Spider Man homecoming I was somewhere down the line expecting the same old story. But I was amazed with what they did with our beloved Spider Man. Marvel has done sheer justice to their lost son but now he is back and by back means with a bang!

Director ‘Jon Watts’ failed to make a good impact on the audience in the past. With movies like Robocop, Clown, Cop Car in which he was also a co-screen writer were unable to leave any mark on the box office. Seems like his bright and shiny years has started with the release of Spider Man Homecoming. The film is about to touch $100 Million mark before Sunday.

In the Spider Man Homecoming Peter Parker tries to balance between his superhero life and high school life after the Civil War Battle. He is then sent back to his normal life by mentor Tony Stark aka Iron Man.
Tony leaves ‘Happy’ in charge of Spider-Man as he is busy into other matters. Peter Parker aka Spider Man lives with his sexy old Aunt May. Spider Man after the big mission with Iron Man is now looking for another big stuff or crime fight to do. Peter wants to be a part of Avengers and intervenes with a local smuggling of alien weapons by the Vulture ‘Micheal Keaton’. (I released a video dedicated to Spider Man new villain on it’s first trailer. Must Watch)

Tom Holland had done great justification with Spider Man character as if he was born to become Spider Man. Tom is the latest star in the Marvel Universe and I believe he is going way more ahead in coming future. The perfect example of Kid Spider Man is what Tom Holland is and played the same very well. It’s nearly a complete triumph to see him in the movie playing innocent, chubby Peter Parker.

Spider Man Homecoming is a perfectly calibrated entertainment. For all. Best Actions, Funny, serious and filled with Superheroes. What I loved most about the movie is that this time they diverted from poor peter parker and uncle ben story. Instead they tweaked it into something more interesting where Tony Stark is kinda playing uncle to Peter Parker.

Some Spoilers Ofcorse:

–‘Gwyneth Paltrow’ as Pepper Potts is back in Avengers and we’ll definitely see her in Avengers 3 Infinity War.
–Spider Man was given an Iron Spider Armour in the end of the movie but will deny. So we are sure, we’ll see him wearing the same in Avenger Infinity War.
–SpiderMan is as strong as Captain America and will gain more physical power in future.
–There are two end-credit scenes, so do sit back and wait. (Patience is important) 😀

Surely this Marvel Film is equal to DC Wonder Women and both the movies were very well executed.

Here’s to the Spider Man Homecoming Once again!

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Ankit Malik (aKi)