Sorry India, You’ve Missed a Cinematic Experience ‘Godzilla: Minus One’ The Real Monster

Now, you might be wondering why this cinematic treasure wasn’t released on the screens in India. Well, the why remains a mystery, but the fact that you’ve missed out is undeniable. Nevertheless, let’s dive into what makes Godzilla Minus One a captivating experience.

Sorry India, but you missed out on this fantastic movie – Godzilla Minus One. I was fortunate to catch it in London last week and it’s truly special. As India’s Best Hollywood blogger, let me share my review.

Godzilla Minus One. Now, I’m no stranger to the usual Godzilla tales where he’s this misunderstood hero duking it out with other monsters. But hold onto your hats, folks, because Minus One flips the script in a way that’ll make you see Godzilla in a whole new light, all while taking a nostalgic trip back in time.

Image Courtesy: Toho Co., Ltd.

So, we’re not in the flashy, modern-day Godzilla saga this time. Nope, we’ve time-travelled straight to post-World War II Japan. Our main guy, Kōichi, is a kamikaze pilot dealing with some serious survivor’s guilt and PTSD. And let me tell you, the emotional journey is like riding a rollercoaster through a storm!

Now, let’s talk Godzilla history. The Godzilla we’ve come to know and love originated in the 1954 Japanese film, where he was more than just a monster wreaking havoc – he was a metaphor for the consequences of nuclear weapons. Minus One pays homage to those roots, thrusting Godzilla into a time when Japan was rebuilding after the devastation of World War II.

But where’s Godzilla in all this drama? Brace yourself – he’s not the defender we know. In Godzilla Minus One, he’s more like a force of nature, tearing through cities without a care in the world. No noble battles, no alien threats – just Godzilla doing what he does best: causing chaos!

Image Courtesy: Toho Co., Ltd.

Now, compare this to the American Godzilla movies where the destruction looks cool, and you’re kinda cheering for him. In Minus One? It’s a different story. The devastation hits harder, and you can’t help but feel the tragedy as cities crumble and people face the ultimate monster mash-up.

But fear not! In a twist of fate, a bunch of everyday heroes (mostly ex-military folks) hatches a plan to deal with Godzilla. The suspense builds, the drama unfolds, and let’s just say, things don’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped. Godzilla is one stubborn lizard!

Our hero, bound by honor, goes to great lengths to save the day, but without the usual Godzilla showdown we’ve come to expect. And that’s what makes Godzilla Minus One a must-watch – it flips the script on the typical monster movie formula. It’s not just about Godzilla; it’s about life after war, rebuilding, and kicking societal norms to the curb for the ones you love.

No tear-jerker here, but it’s a rollercoaster of emotions with jaw-dropping effects, killer performances, and a soundtrack that’s as epic as Godzilla’s roar. Whether you’re a die-hard Godzilla fan or just dipping your toes into monster mayhem, this flick is a blast. Seen Godzilla Minus One? Oh wait i forgot. Lastly, you will not justify the movie, if you are watching it in a small screen, sorry but it’s true.

Ankit aKi Malik