Oh Yes, Iron Man is Going to Die but Not So Soon – Huge Secrets Revealed

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Well, the bad news is that Iron Man is surely going to die and maybe Captain America as well, but it may not happen so soon and easily. Well, Iron Man aka Tony Stark is one the major character in MCU Universe with the biggest fan following of all time and bidding him a farewell will be the biggest challenge for the Marvel Universe.

Theory #1 Iron Man will be in COMA?
The big daddy of MCU Iron Man has planned to leave fans and the Universe in Avengers: End Game. But how? Well, according to my theory Tony Stark won’t die completely as he has experimented so much with his body that he has become half machine. (Remember the Nanotech Iron Man Suit in Avengers: Infinity War?) As per comics, Tony Stark will put himself in suspended animation till he recovers from the wounds completely and meanwhile he will live as A.I like J.A.R.V.I.S in Spider-Man suit. I won’t be surprised if Spiderman suit A.I will sound exactly like Tony (Robert Downy Jr. giving voice-over) in Spider Man Far From Home which is scheduled to release after Endgame. Avengers 4: Spider Man is Alive as Far From Home Official Poster Revealed

As we all know our Iron Man aka Tony Stark will do anything to bring his fellow Avengers and friends back to life even if he has to sacrifice himself. But he is one intelligent being who knows, what can happen and will always leave a door open for him to come back. Of-Course fans will weep on his death scene, me too, but we can’t help it. We can only wait for him to surprise us once again till the end of time.

Theory #2 Iron Man might actually die? 
There is also a possibility that Tony Stark will die fighting alongside Captain America to save the Avengers, especially Peter Parker. We all know that the father figures don’t live for long in the Marvel Universe and since Tony Stark became the mentor of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, I knew he will do anything to save him from dying. Iron Man is Going to Die but Not So Soon-Ankit2World (1)Eventually, he failed and his apprentice Spider-Man died in his arms in Avengers: Infinity War, but Stark is still alive and that’s the biggest mistake of Thanos Life. Stark will not worry about his life over Peter Parker if given a second chance he will surely sacrifice himself.

Thorey #3 The New Iron Man
Remember that Kid in Iron Man 3? Harley Keener played by Ty Simpkins. He is coming back in Avengers: End Game and I am sure it’s for a specific reason.Iron Man is Going to Die but Not So Soon-Ankit2World (3) According to my theory after Tony Stark dies or retire in Avengers: End Game he will hand over his Iron Man legacy to Harley Keener and we’ll have a young version of Iron Man coming in the MCU timeline. After all Tony Stark has an old habit of giving away his advanced technology to the teenagers.

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