New Thor Ragnarok trailer reveals the plot of ‘Avengers Infinity War’

The new trailer is here and people are loving it. Thor will be the only movie before Avenger Infinity War hits the theatres. Thus, the movie will reveal major plot of Avengers which is going to release in 2018. I am pretty happy to see Marvel is putting in 100% efforts to keep the cinematics and story line according to the comics.

Proud Moment: As, it was disclosed in my “Thanos Ka Pyaar” video, I was pretty sure that marvel is going to introduce Character ‘Death’ in the movies and here she is destroying the Mjolnir in the trailer. 

Have a look at my video again:

Hela ‘The Goddess of Death’ played by Cate Blanchett will surely have an important role in upcoming Thor Ragnarok. Lady Dead who refuse the Love of Thanos but infatuated with ‘Deadpool’ will clearly seems to have a major role in Avengers Infinity War too. The chances of Deadpool in the Avengers are very slim, but can never tell what Marvel might come up with. Just like the deal they had with Sony for Spider-Man it’s not impossible to see Deadpool in the 2018 big super-heroes movie.

Add-on point: We’ll also see Dr. Stephen Strange playing a major role In Thor Ragnarok and …. (No Spoilers Revealed)

Here’s the look at Thor Ragnarok latest trailer, the movie will release on 3, Nov, 2017.

Ankit Malik (aKi)