‘Justice League’ is the Lowest Grossing Movie in the DC Universe – News A2W
Image Credits: DC Universe & Warner Bros.

NEWS: Justice League silently ended the domestic screening at the box office with total earning on $229 Million only. Unfortunately, these numbers make Justice League the lowest-grossing movie in DC Universe. For DC Fans, this news is a big shock as they thought Justice League was amazing and did well. Which I think is true!

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It also came to me as a huge surprise. But Sorry, it is a bitter fact we all have to accept. Justice League was the most awaited DC movie which hit the theaters on 15-Nov-2017. DC & Superhero fans were very excited, but what happened?

How is it possible for a movie which has best Superheroes of DC, fail? According to me, it’s way better than the super disappointing Batman Vs Superman & Suicide Squad but still, Justice League earned lesser than the last two movies. Why even superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Women, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg together failed to create an impact on people’s minds?

Not to hurt the sentiments of DC fans because I am a DC fan too, but the truth is a truth. Justice League seems like Wanna-Be ‘Avengers’ to me. I think it was too early to have Justice League when you had a trail of bad-bad movies following up. After the failure of Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad, they should have waited. Instead of learning from the mistakes they released Wonder Women which became a Box Office sensational hit, which boosted their confidence for Justice League. I am sure even DC must have thought that a movie which has all of its greatest characters can never fail – but eventually, the box office tells us, they did. Fans which were already disappointed in BvS and SS lost their hope and didn’t turn up for JL.

‘Justice League’ is the Lowest Grossing Movie in the DC Universe – News A2W
Image Credits: DC Universe & Warner Bros.

So Far this is the rating of movies in DC universe:
On the top they have, 1st Wonder Women followed by 2nd position Batman vs Superman, 3rd Suicide Squad, 4th Man of Steel and bottom 5th Justice League.

Sad, but it’s over guys. No wonder DC is focusing on mainline Superheroes only and canceling the less popular Superhero project as mentioned in my previous blog.

There is always the next time
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