Is this the END of Logan? Movie Review “LOGAN”

We all love Wolverine aka Logan in the movies portrayed by our beloved Hugh Jackman. In year 2000 we saw Logan for the first time. It’s been 17 years and 9 X-Men movies. We cannot even image Wolverine without Hugh Jackman and this breaks my heart. LOGAN is Hugh Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine and believe me it’s a perfect send-off that can happen for any character!

Thanks to Star Movies India and Star Movies Secret Screening, I watched LOGAN before the official release date.

5% Spoilers ahead not much!
I rate the movie 4 out of 5. It’s not just another super-hero movie. It’s filled with gore violence and amazing actions. You will surely get to see the darkest side of Wolverine in the movie. The movie is set in distance future 2029. The mutant school is gone and mutants are on the verge of extinction. Logan and Charles Xavier along with a mutant known as Tracker lives a difficult life on the border of Mexico. Charles is very old now (90’s) and Logan body is now getting old. Logan earns living by driving and takes jobs around the city. Logan takes care of Charles who is in an unstable condition. Charles mind is now the threat to the world because of his uncontrollable psychic powers. The movies is a mix match of emotional scenes and glorified action scenes at the same time.

And enters the 11 years old girl ‘Laura Kinney’ / X-23 played by (Dafne Keen) an English/Spanish child actresses. Laura is a mutant and just like Wolverine in many ways. She have the same Adamantium Claws like Wolverine both in hands and toes. She is very aggressive and stubborn. Laura is been hunted by a group led by Donald Pierce played by (Boyd Holbrook). Logan unwillingly becomes involved in the plan of saving Laura from the group with a nurse who rescued her from the missionaries. Three of them LOGAN, CHARLES and LAURA starts the journey towards a rumoured place via coordinates from the X-Men comics considered safe for mutants known as the safe haven for people just like her. The journey is the most interesting part of the movie.

Charles tell LOGAN that Laura is his daughter that is the reason she has temperament like him. Now the question arise… is this the END of LOGAN as well? Sob* Sob*

The answer is (Go Watch the Movie) 

Watched LOGAN already
Ankit Malik (aKi)