Henry Cavill as Wolverine a Rumor or a Fact

Henry Cavill as Wolverine is a Rumor or a Fact

Kevin Feige from Marvel confirmed that X-Men will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. After listening to this news I got pretty excited to see my favorite X-Men characters teaming up with long lost – Marvel superheroes.

It’s pretty much clear that Hugh Jackman won’t be coming back as Wolverine and thus the news of the new Wolverine is going around in the market. But Is it DC’s Superman Henry Cavill? Well, it’s not confirmed yet. BossLogic an Instagrammer posted Henry Cavill concept art as Wolverine over the weekend and people got pretty excited. The post got a mixed reaction – some were happy to see Henry Cavill as Wolverine and some still stuck in comparing Hugh Jackman with Cavill and not happy about the same.

Thus, the news of Superman wielding Wolverine Claws is not confirmed yet. But I am not saying it’s impossible and certainly not a bad idea. According to me, Henry Cavill can be a very good choice for Wolverine and who knows, the director might get influenced by the fan post and comments on Instagram.


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Henry Cavill who has played super powerful Superman in the DC universe surely got some experience of superhero acting, along with the irresistible taste of Comics Fandom and the love he gets from us. But as we all know the DC Universe struggled in keeping the movie theaters full for the longer duration and Henry Cavill might not have a very bright future in DC. So there are pretty high chances of Henry Cavill entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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