‘Beauty and the Beast’ Old Wine in a New Bottle. Movie Review (3 Out of 5 Stars)

Disney’s Live Action Remake ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is glittery but not fresh. Disney has done no experiment with this movie. The story-line, tunes, sets and character are exactly the same as the commercial hit 1991 Beauty and the Beast Animation movie. 1991 Beauty and the Beat was the first animation movie nominated for best picture in the academy (OSCARS). 

Beauty and the Beast is surprisingly 129 minutes long. Thanks to the extra songs and backstory. If we talk about actors, I am in love with (Emma Watson) as she is a perfect choice for Belle. (Luke Evans) as Gaston seems like exactly same character from the 1991 animation movie. The acting is pretty good and they all have done sheer justice with their role.

I am sure kids, especially girls going to love the movie. As it’s a live animation kids might find it bit creepy but thats fine. The songs are lengthy, I personally didn’t enjoyed them except the main ballroom dance song ‘Beauty and the Beast’. 

I was expecting a twist in the story just like Jon Favreau’s ‘The Jungle Book’. The Jungle Book was remake but with a different plot overall. Disney could have done a beautiful experiment in the movie instead of keeping everything exactly the same.

I Rate this Movie: 3 out of 5 Stars

Special mention to STAR MOVIES INDIA and #STARMOVIESSECRETSCREENING for providing me with an opportunity to watch the movie before its release.

Secret Keeper
Ankit Malik (aKi)