Avengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware)

Avengers: Infinity War – New Characters, Superhero Weapons, Suits and many more secrets revealed by A2W
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Avengers Infinity War is trending buzz going on presently and there is no doubt that Avengers Infinity War deserves to be on the top charts. Not only in abroad, Avengers Infinity War might become the biggest Hollywood opening movie in India too.

I saw the movie in Pre-Premiere and those to want to read the movie review without spoilers and click here.

CAUTION: MAJOR SPOILER & DEATHS AHEADOnly for those who have seen the movie:
Still, want to read: Don’t blame me then… it’s your own choice. So Last Chance: if you want to avoid spoilers and haven’t seen it. Don’t READ IT. Instead, read my Spoiler Free Review

Infinity Stones:
Thanos acquires all the six infinity stones in the movie and as I mentioned per the comics Thanos destroys half of the universe just by the clicking his fingers. I told you Thanos is the most badass and powerful villain in the Marvel Universe.

Credit Scene:
Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel receives a message from former SHIELD supremo just after his death. Marvel Studios ‘Kevin Feige’ indicated Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero in Marvel Universe.

Last and Final Warning: These spoilers are nothing – I am revealing major Deaths ahead!

Superhero Deaths: Order as per movie.

Heimdall – First one to die. In order to send Hulk back to earth.
Killed by: Corvus Glaive

Loki – Sob: Sob: Dies while saving his brother Thor and Tries to kill ThanosAvengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware) Ankit2worldKilled by: Thanos

Gamora – To acquire Soul Stone Thanos has to sacrifice someone he loves. Thus he sacrificed his daughter Gamora
Killed by: Sacrifice

Vision – Actually he dies twice in Avengers Infinity War. He sacrifices himself to keep the mind stone away from Thanos and ask Scarlet Witch to destroy the mind stone which will also kill him.
Killed by: Scarlet Witch

Vision – Second Death: Thanos uses time-stone to bring Vision back to life and take the Mind-Stone from his head which kills him again.
Killed by: Thanos

At the end when Thanos obtains all the Six Infinity Stones, Thanos clicks his fingers and destroys half of the universe including: Avengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware) Ankit2world

Bucky Barnes | Scarlet Witch | Drax | Mantis | Teen Groot | Falcon | Maria Hill | Nick Fury but wait there’s more…

Thanos turned these Superheroes into ashes as well:

Star-LordAvengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware) Ankit2world

Black PantherAvengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware) Ankit2world

Dr. StrangeAvengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware) Ankit2world

And I Can’t Believe it

Spider-ManAvengers Infinity War Major Spoilers & Death (Readers Beware) Ankit2world

It’s really tricky to tell if these characters will be brought back to life in ‘Avengers 4’ because Dr. Strange is dead and Thanos has the Time-Stone. So now all our hopes on ‘Captain Marvel’ who is powerful enough to defeat Thanos and bring back all our favorite Superheroes.

Crying Sob: Sob:
Ankit Malik (aKi)