Alien: Covenant – Review. Thanks but No Thanks!

If you are a Alien Movie Fan, this movie will surely bring up bit disappointment upon your face. The trailer of the movie is better than the complete movie itself. I wasted complete 2.5 Hours of my life expecting something out of the movie which was about to fill in the shoes of epic 1986 Aliens Movie. 

Here are the reasons I did not like the movie at all.

Slow Story Line The story line is very slow, as if you are watching a drama or suspense movie. I was expecting some interesting climax and turn of events. I don’t mind watching a SLOW drama or suspense because it keeps me glued to my seat in order to watch what’s next, but it gets boring when the complete story is pretty much predictable.

Dumb Actions  The actions are dumb, I mean how can you expect a scientist fight alien like a trained black ops commander? Putting in the brain, setting up trap is one thing but strapping yourself and shooting at alien upside down with gun while hanging from the ship is what I am sure they don’t teach or research in the lab.

The End Believe me I was expecting something good at the end after everything I mentioned above. The movie ended in an unexceptional way. I said to my friend, who was watching this movie with me that if it’s an end I am going to tear the screen apart and guess what I was disappointed.

Overall I rate the movie 1 out of 5 being very honest. 

Special mention and thanks to Star Movies for inviting me on #StarMoviesSecretScreening

Ankit Malik (aKi)