‘A Quiet Place’ – The Movie Which Redefines HORROR

‘A Quiet Place’ the Movie Which Redefines HORROR.By Ankit2World
Image Credits: Paramount

If you are a Horror Movie Fan but bored of the same old stories of today’s themes, I am sure ‘A Quiet Place’ won’t disappoint you. ‘A Quiet Place’, starring ‘John Krasinski’ and ‘Emily Blunt’, real life and on-screen husband and wife have given some ultra-amazing performances in the movie. 

I think, ‘John Krasinski’ who is also the director of the movie has come up with a refreshing storyline for the audience and it’s cherry on the icing when a fine director like ‘John’ puts in lots of effort and time to execute and craft a movie like ‘A Quiet Place’. According to me, it’s one of the most exciting experience you can get in a movie hall.

The movie is a story about 2020 Post-Apocalypse world which is haunted by the mysterious monsters who hunt people by sounds. In the same world lives – A Father ‘John Krasinski’, an expecting Mother – ‘Emily Blunt’ and their daughter and son. They are leading a very silent life on an isolated farm. It’s good to see how innovative one can get to survive and not make even a single noise while leading a life. The movie is filled with gasping tension throughout as it’s amazing to see their survival mode in the difficult time between monsters they don’t know anything about…

‘A Quiet Place’ the Movie Which Redefines HORROR.By Ankit2World
Image Credits: Paramount

The beauty of the horror is the suspense and teeth grinding pressure you develop while watching the movie. In some scenes where Emily Blunt who is a fully pregnant mother goes into labor while running from the monsters. It grips audiences into thinking about the next step for the mother as she can’t cry or yell while she is going through labor pain…

I am excited to experience ‘A Quiet Place’ type horror movie which is unique in its own way. And it’s quite refreshing.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 Stars and it’s a must watch in theaters.

DON’T MISS IT! It’s releasing this Friday on 6-Apr-2018.

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Ankit Malik (aKi)