A Quiet Place Part 2 Trailer Review

A Quiet Place Part 2 Trailer Review - Ankit2World

Silent your phones and wear headphones, because the trailer of ‘A Quiet Place Part 2’ is here and it’s scary. A Quiet Place Part 2 is a sequel of 2018 horror hit A Quiet Place.

This movie is directed once again by director and husband John Karsinski and continues the remaining movie cast ‘Emily Blunt’ as Evelyn who is a mother of Noah, Millicent and the baby which she delivered in the first part. Have a look at the trailer below:

The trailer of ‘A Quiet Place Part 2’ looks promising. We can expect more dialogs in the movie then the first part along with even more scary scenes. Trailer also hints the flashback which will provide the audience with the deep insight of how it all started and where these anti-sound creatures came from. Overall ‘A Quiet Place Part 2’’ has the potential to lure in more audience than its first sequel.

I am personally looking forward for the movie. The movie is scheduled to release on 18-Mar-2020, till then be as quiet as possible.

Ankit Malik (aKi)