A History of Sex Dolls in the Movies

A History of Sex Dolls in Film - Ankit2World

Whether they’re the main character or just a fleeting background bot, sex dolls have had their fifteen minutes. And we’ve enjoyed every single one of them. Sex dolls have been the backbone of multiple genres of cinema, from comedies to heartfelt romance, horror, and drama, sex dolls have been leading ladies in a number of spectacular films that you have to watch.

Check out the list of movies and the history of Sex Dolls in them…

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
Sex Dolls and Social AnxietyA History of Sex Dolls in Film - Ankit2WorldSex dolls aside, this is one of the most heartwarming, hilarious, and shockingly fantastic films of our time. Lars is the resident weirdo and shut in that strikes up an unconventional relationship with a sex doll that he orders on the internet. Being from a small town, the local folk soon find out about this wild romance, and all pitch in to help make it real. What starts as a quirky and largely hilarious, becomes a bittersweet portrayal of just how far people will go when they truly care about someone.

Air Doll (2009)
Sex Dolls and HumanityA History of Sex Dolls in Film - Ankit2WorldIn a Pinocchio Gone real drama, sex dolls finally get the spotlight they deserve. A blow-up sex doll is purchased by a poetically lonely man in an attempt to find companionship. While the synopsis may seem fantastical, the film pushes the boundaries about what it truly means to be human. The film shows viewers that it takes a community of individuals to transform the solitary world of humanity into a commonality, rich with brilliance and value. A must see for anyone struggling with the sometimes soulless alienation of city life.

Monique (2002)
Sex Dolls and DepressionA History of Sex Dolls in Film - Ankit2WorldSick of his repetitive and mundane life, Max a successful photographer is overtaken with depression. After losing his wife, Max orders a lifelike sex doll for company. In this hilarious commentary on midlife crisis and what each man must do to overcome them, Monique a triumph of overcoming social norms and learning how to give in to our base needs. Without concern for the thoughts of others. Monique shows, without any sign of embarrassment, just how wonderful the companionship of sex dolls can be.

Love Object (2003)
Sex Dolls and ObjectificationA History of Sex Dolls in Film - Ankit2WorldIn this twisted thriller, Kenneth- a technical writer with little to no ability to socialize, falls madly in love with his new assistant, the gorgeous Lisa. Believing that he could never get a girl like that, the tech-savvy Kenneth decides to build his own dream girl, ordering a fully customizable and lifelike sex doll off of the internet. From the hundreds of available sex dolls, Kenneth creates a woman that is identical to his new assistant and names her “Nikki”. When Lisa finally begins to show an interest in Kenneth, Nikki begins to threaten their relationship and their lives. With the echoes of such epic thrillers like Psycho, Love Object shows what happens when the obsession becomes reality.

Cherry 2000 (1987)
Sex Dolls and RomanceA History of Sex Dolls in Film - Ankit2WorldCherry 2000 puts an incredible b-flick spin on the normal romance with sex dolls theme. In a post-apocalyptic, futuristic world Sam loses the love of his life. Who just happens to be a state of the art sex doll come robot. When his robotic sex doll breaks down, Sam will go to the ends of the world to find a replacement to put her memory chip into. Sam hires a fiery, sex-charged tracker named E to help him find the ideal sex doll replacement. Throughout their dangerous and action-packed quest, Sam and E begin to realize that what he’s been searching for all along may be right in front of him.

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