5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers

5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers

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Now, let’s have a look at 5 Must-Watch Movies for Casino Lovers.

No. 5 – Casino Royal5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers - Ankit2WorldOur Bond, James Bond must participate in a poker game in Montenegro to win back a famous banker’s money. But there is much more than what it seems.

No. 4 – Ocean’s Eleven5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers - Ankit2WorldOne of my personal favorites, Ocean’s Eleven is the most loved Casino movie of all time. But this movie teaches you more than playing a game instead of how to rob three best casinos in Las Vegas.

No. 3 – Mississippi Grind5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers - Ankit2WorldA fun-filled movie with amazing elements of Road Trip, Bad Credit and Gambling all mixed together. Our current Deadpool Ryan Reynolds plays as a charismatic role of a talented poker player.

No. 2 – The Gambler5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers - Ankit2WorldBroke Literature professor Jim (Mark Wahlberg) after trying it all, plans to give his life a second chance by trying his luck with his previous hobby – Gambling.

No. 1 – 21 5 Must Watch Movies for Casino Lovers - Ankit2WorldSix brilliant MIT students form a team with one Boss in order to win millions by becoming an expert in counting cards.

So, enjoy these movies at home and see if you have the skills or you need to brush it up like the smart-ones from the movies. This post is sponsored by online casinosline 

I fold!
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