5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch During Diwali

5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch During Diwali

The festival of divine lights is here. Diwali is no doubt the most popular and one of the biggest festival in India, but people have lost the true meaning on Diwali, instead, they turn the divine light into an unbearable light and noise. Diwali is all about fun and simplicity, a festival you should spend with your family and cherish the lost memories together.

Just for you, I have a list of movies which are relaxed and simple as it should be on Diwali and as you all know A2W don’t write Bollywood, here’s the list of 5 Best Diwali Blockbusters you should watch

Eat Pray Love5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch During DiwaliThe movie is about the woman who is on the quest to find herself during her journey around the world

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch During DiwaliThe charm of Indian Hospitality spellbound 4 retired British citizens

Life of Pi
5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch During DiwaliAn Indian guy telling his story to a writer and about unexplained survival journey of his to home

The Darjeeling Limited
Three brothers travel to India in order to get along with each other after their father died

Victoria & Abdul
5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch During DiwaliA story of a friendship between an Indian Clerk and England Queen

These are not just movies, these are stories very well related to the Indian Tradition and the love & Bond we carry for each other on every festival.

HAPPY DIWALI from Ankit2World and Team

Happy Diwali
Ankit Malik (aKi)

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