10 Fantastic Movies Based on Strong Women

10 Fantastic Movies Based on Strong Women - Ankit2World

We always enjoy the sexy, bold and beautiful Hollywood ladies, especially when they are in the lead role. These amazing beauties play the inspirational roles and win our hearts with their action, dedication, and sweetness.

At A2W, we are saluting these out of the world stories and roles based on strong women. So here are 10 most amazing and fantastic movies based on strong women. This post is sponsored by MEESHO APP which is inspiring women to start their online selling business from home. You can download the app from here (Click to Download the App)

10 Kill Bill
kill bill ankit2worldUma Thurman’s swordplay is magnificent in the movie. Her desire for revenge gives her the power of taking on way too many ninja assassins. Man, you don’t mess with the women like that.

9 The Devil Wears Prada
Devil Wears Prada Ankit2WorldA young New Yorker lands a job in a high-end fashion magazine where working with her Devil boss is the issue no one can imagine but she still manages to get the job done by her sheer will.

8 Brave
Brave Ankit2WorldPrincess Merida is determined to shape her own path against everyone’s will in the kingdom. Her bravery and the archery skills are the only support she got.

7 Alice in Wonderland
alice in wonderlandJourney to the magical world is an adventure for Alice but her determination and guts are the ones which make her and her dear one’s survival possible.

6 Miss Congeniality
Miss Congeniality Ankit2WorldMy favorite Sandra Bullock is an undercover F.B.I agent who participates in a beauty pageant event to stop a bombing attack.

5 Black Swan
Black Swan Ankit2WorldA mind fascinating role by Natalie Portman where she grabs a lead role in Swan Lake but her sanity goes for a toss because of her dedication towards the role and determination to do the best.

4 Gravity
 Gravity Ankit2WorldSandra Bullock once again playing an extraordinary role of surviving on her own in the place where there is no chance of survival – Space

3 The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games Ankit2WorldJennifer Lawrence most awarded role as Katniss Everdeen is loved by many including me. Her fight for not only her sister but her village makes her a survivor in the fight to the death.

2 Juno
Juno Ankit2WorldAn unexpected pregnancy of a young girl does not make her vulnerable instead she takes a bold decision against the society and her loved ones.

1 Million Dollar Baby
million dollar baby Ankit2WorldWho said women can’t box? Please make them watch this movie based on a true event where women go through a tough journey to become a professional boxer.

P.S the list is not as per rating and it’s completely random. So don’t worry if your favorite movie is on the 10 as it has nothing to do with the same.

Now don’t take me wrong but…

I love Women
Ankit Malik (aKi)

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