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I love Zombie movies and I can watch them again and again. But I think, these days movie makers are struggling to make good zombie stuff. I know the ‘Zombie’ concept is all about flesh-eating monsters, but we do need a good storyline as well. I am not a ‘Resident Evil’ fan (Yeah, yeah I know many people will hate me for this) but its true that I like typical zombies, not hyper zombies or whatever that [email protected]#t is.

I have seen almost all the Zombie Movies (Good ones and Bad ones) to date and there are very few movies, I became a fan of. So here’s the list of 10 Zombie Movies I love. Let me know your favorites in the comments below:

A2W’s 10 Best Zombie Movies:

10. REC
Year 2007

Image Credits: Filmax International

A News Reporter and Cameraman, while on a project, get stuck in an infected building with a couple of workers – Fireman, Cops etc. The movie is very creepy and has some good horror effects as well.

9. Zombieland
Year 2009

Image Credits: Columbia Pictures

One of the best Comedy Horror Zombie Movie. The Zombies are scary and aggressive, the acting is amazing and the storyline is very funny.

8. World War Z
Year 2013

Image Credits: Paramount Pictures

This movie has one of the most aggressive and fastest zombies of all time. The storyline is a bit different than other Zombie movies and they have shot the attacks in different parts of the world.

7. Busanhaeng (Train to Busan)
Year 2016

Image Credits: Next Entertainment World

90% of the movie is shot in a train which is going from Seoul to Busan and guess what the Zombies are onboard. It’s a Korean movie and I agree, they make good stuff.

6. Dawn of the Dead
Year 2004

Image Credits: Universal Pictures

A couple of people from different backgrounds and places find shelter in the megacity mall during the Zombie apocalypse. It’s the remake of original 1978 movie with the same title.

5. Night of the Living Dead
Year 1968

Image Credits: The Walter Reade Organization

Zombie was not the popular word back then. But still, this movie is the epitome of Zombie Movies. It was creepy as hell. A group of people get stuck in a farmhouse trying to save themselves from flesh-eating monsters.

4. Land of the Dead
Year 2005

Image Credits: Universal Pictures

The movie is about the time where the world is taken over by the Zombies and humans live in the protection of a walled city.

3. I am Legend
Year 2007

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures & Roadshow Entertainment

The reason I love this movie is that it has a different storyline than most Zombie movies. The Zombie virus has wiped out most of the humanity from earth. The only living survivor in New York struggles to find life.

Last two Zombie movies are my all-time favorite:

2. 28 Days Later
Year 2002

Image Credits: Fox Searchlight Pictures

This movie is 40% about Zombies and 60% about Survival. The struggle for Survival showcased in the movie is superb. The movie is based in the UK and it’s one of the top-rated Zombie movies of all time.

1. 28 Weeks Later
Year 2007

Fox Searchlight Pictures & 20th Century Fox

It’s the sequel to ’28 Days Later’. Here things got a little better as the US army made a sanctuary in the UK for the group of survivors, but things went terribly wrong. It’s one of the creepiest Zombie movies I have ever watched.

Bonus Content:
That’s all folks. Now that we are talking about Zombies, how can I miss a TV series which is my personal favorite?

Image Credits: AMC Studios

It’s ‘The Walking Dead’. If you are a Zombie fan and haven’t watched ‘TWD’ till date, Man! You are missing something very big.

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