10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night

10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2World

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Oh boy, Halloween is around the corner and it’s good to see that craze of Halloween is growing stronger and bigger every year. For many people, Halloween is one of their favorite holiday and why not it should be? Halloween is filled with a strange spooky sensation mixed with the mild cold air bringing winters in…

Though many of you will be out parting or might be asking for Trick or Treat, many prefer to stay at home with friends and enjoy the lovely cooked snacks with spooky movies. I would love to stay home anytime to watch a movie after the party is over . But which are the best movies to watch during Halloween, I don’t think watching HORROR movies during Halloween is a good idea instead I would love to watch something fun and spooky. 10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night

So let me share the 10 best movies to watch on Halloween Night

No. 10: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
Year: 201810 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldThis recently released movie is the sequel to Goosebumps which was released in 2015. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is a movie about kids who accidentally bring a ventriloquist’s dummy to life via magic book and so the fun and journey begins.

No. 9: Satan’s Little Helper
Year: 2004
10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldThis indie low budget movie is better than you can think. If you love a good movie with black comedy and want to laugh throughout the movie while enjoying the festivities of Halloween, this is the movie. It’s a story about a young boy who gets stuck and becomes a pawn of a mad serial killer

No 8: Night of the Demons (Adult)
Year: 200910 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldThe movie is about some teens that go to a fun Halloween party but they all end up facing the Demons from hell. It’s quite a fun movie to watch. P.S: Do not watch the movie with Kids.

No 7: Scooby-Doo! And the Goblin King
Year: 2008

What’s a Halloween without Scooby. Scooby-Doo! And the Goblin King was directly released to a DVD. Scooby-Doo, as usual, saves a day but differently this time as both Scooby and Shaggy have to go to the underworld ruled by Goblin king in-order to save their friends.

No 6: Halloween
Year: 1978
10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldThe one, the only, the classic Halloween for some people is the scariest movie of all time. The movie is about a mentally unstable boy who kills his little sister when he was 6 and since then he is in the mental asylum, but he escapes and returns to kill after 15 years on Halloween.

No 5: Halloweentown
Year: 1998
10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldA typical Halloween movie you can watch with Kids. It’s witty, fun and kidish at some parts but fun. The movie is about a girl who discovers that she is a witch and goes to Halloweentown hometown of Halloween creatures to save them from a disaster.

No 4: Trick ‘r Treat
Year: 2007
10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldWhen 5 most famous stories/lore around Halloween come to life, it makes one of the best Halloween movies ever. The movie is spooky, scary, funny, stupid and brilliant at the same time. A must watch on Halloween.

No 3: The Addams Family
Year: 1991

This supernatural black comedy movie is must watch with family on Halloween. The movie is based on a very famous cartoon with the same name. A fun-loving and spooky movie about the undead family and their long-lost family member

No 2: Corpse Bride
Year: 200510 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldOne of the most interesting stop-motion animated musical movie ever. Corpse Bride is fun to watch on Halloween as its content match the festive season of the dead. The movie is about a nervous guy who practices marriage vows unknowingly in the presence of Dead Women who rises from the grave to be with him assuming now they are married.

No 1: Hocus Pocus (A2W’s Choice)
Year: 1993
10 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Night - Ankit2WorldFun, Fun and only Fun is expected out this movie… If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it this Halloween. It’s one of the best fun Halloween based movie ever. Three witches come to life and plan to take on the town once again. P.S. One of the witches is
Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hope you enjoyed the list; please feel free to share the list with your friends and families.

Happy Halloween
Ankit Malik (aKi)