“We love Animals more than Humans” India

Strange title right? When I was thinking about this blog I was wondering how people would react. Will I hurt their religious sentiments? Will I get into trouble writing the same? But then I read my title again “We Love Animals more than Humans” India. 

Is it true, are we heartless?
Is it true, we don’t care about people anymore?
Is it true, we can kill in the name of religion?
Is it? Is it true?

When I see news, I see people beating each other out on Beef issues. They want to set an example. They want to scare them who consume beef or non-veg. But why, do we love animals more than humans? India

Heard about some family who lost their father, husband and only earning member beaten up to death by animal lovers. Was that a protest or an attack, we don’t know what was the reason behind killing that poor chap who let’s say eaten beef. Why they killed him? Do we love animals more than humans? India Do we love animals more than Humans

I visited an old age home near my resident. I met old grannies and mothers with tears in their eyes left abandoned by their beloved sons and daughters. Same people who for profit join hands and feed cows calling them Mata! When you cannot respect the one who gave you birth, how can you worship mother cow? Why there are so many mothers waiting for their children in places? Why, do we love animals more than humans? India Do we love animals more than Humans3

There are ways to protest, protest does not mean killing the person who you think according to your religion is guilty. People kill people on eating beef but when our sisters get raped on the same streets we protest. Why we don’t kill the rapist instantly? Believe me we should. But we leave them to be. In the hands of law, we don’t even show up to support our victim sister. But we’ll kill and fight together when our churches, temples, mosques etc. been attacked! Why, do we love animals and building more than humans? India Do we love animals more than Humans4

India is projected to be the largest exporter of beef in the world in 2016 followed by Brazil & Australia. Beef exports in India include carabeef. Four countries are projected to export more than 1 million metric tons of beef in 2016. India, Brazil, Australia & the United States. Ha! Ha! Explain that…

Any religion in India or abroad do not teach to fight, kill, steal or abuse in the name of GOD. Every religion only teach one thing and one thing only. PEACE!

I am not a HINDU, Neither a MUSLIM, Neither CHRISTIAN nor SIKH or JAIN. This blog is not to hurt any religion sentiments. But to wake up those who don’t follow what religion actually teaches them.

I am a simple HUMAN BEING born in one beautiful country INDIA. So think again Do we love animals more than humans in INDIA?

Ankit Malik (aKi)