Valentine’s Day or Death Anniversary of Bhagat Singh ji? There’s something wrong!

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Have fun, enjoy, spend the best time with your loved ones and make love not war! Wait, Wait, Wait… We are in India that means we are not supposed to make love but war. Our India is great and there is no doubt about that. Our culture is one of the best but some of our people are the one who make us think twice about our great country and diverse culture. 

It’s funny seeing some post on Facebook ‘Humein Bhool Gaye Kya?’ with picture of Honourable Shaheed Bhagat Singh ji, Raj Guru ji and Sukhdev ji. People calling it a ‘Death Anniversary’ (Shradhanjali) of these three late legends of our country. 1

Can some please, PUH-LEASE ask them if they even know when they died? Bhagat Singh ji, Rajguru ji and Sukhdev ji were sentenced to death in ‘Lahore conspiracy case’ and were ordered to be hanged on 24 March, 1931. But, the schedule was moved forward by 11 hours and they were actually executed on 23 March, 1931 at 7:30 pm.

An Ordinance was passed by Lord Irwin on May 1930, declaring an emergency and the case was shifted to Tribunal from the court of an Indian judge. During this three judges were given power to judge the case. The Tribunal was also the highest court of appeal. The tribunal gave its verdict on 7 October 1930, Bhagat Singh ji, Sukh Dev ji and Raj Guru ji were given Capital Punishment in the Lahore Conspiracy Case.

So a message to the people who are spreading this HOAX on Valentine’s Day. Please you are disrespecting these legends of our country and giving out wrong information to the youth. valentine-day-vs-1455105616

Our country is great with awesome culture. Please don’t be insecure. Celebrating Valentine’s Day won’t make Indians forget their country and culture… and I am pretty sure beating up couples in parks and malls and spreading wrong information about our legends in public is not part of our GREAT GREAT culture!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all
Ankit Malik (aKi)