The Sky High Ego: What’s with the ‘Arrogance’ of Airline Pilots

Holla People, have you ever wondered why airline pilots seem to have their heads in the clouds, metaphorically speaking? I mean, do they really deserve that level of admiration? Has anyone though of dissecting the phenomenon of pilot arrogance and figuring out if they’re just glorified taxi drivers cruising at 35,000 feet?

Whoa! Whoa! Don’t get me wrong—I’m not trying to throw shade at the fine men and women who navigate the friendly skies. There are many with awesome attitude towards everyone, but mostly I’ve seen are in some other world for reasons unknow. So. I’m just here to question the aura of superiority that seems to envelop them. After all, are they doing something different from our beloved taxi drivers?

Let’s compare, shall we? Both jobs need concentration, wide-open eyes, and good hand-eye coordination. Sure, taxi drivers aren’t cruising at 35,000 feet, but they’re managing city streets, dodging traffic, and dealing with unpredictable passengers—all without honking every two seconds. Do pilots really have a monopoly on stress and skill?

And then there’s the argument about learning some extra tech (Operators huh!#) making them superior beings. I mean, come on! Learning to operate a complex machine is impressive, no doubt. But does that automatically grant them a first-class ticket to the realm of arrogance? Last time I checked, taxi drivers are pretty savvy with their GPS systems and apps, too. Maybe they deserve a pat on the back for navigating the concrete jungle.

I am not comparing Taxi drivers to Pilots but I am trying to make you understand the nature of the job. So come out of the shell for a while to witness the sheer brightness of truth.

Let’s not forget our doctors, and software developers. Doctors save lives, and software devs innovate to bring us the latest and greatest tech wonders. What do pilots do? They fly metal tubes from point A to point B. Excuse me if I am not too excited about it right now.

The real issue here isn’t the pilots themselves; it’s us. We treat them like airborne superheroes, and they’ve lapped it up. It’s like we’ve collectively decided that anyone who can operate a plane is worthy of our unwavering admiration. It’s not just pilots; even air hostesses get swept up in the glamour, though they’re essentially hostesses at 35,000 feet, serving peanuts and coffee with a taste of turbulence.

Imagine a world where every profession received the same admiration. Picture train operators or metro drivers strutting around with the same swagger. Yeah, right. You’d sooner find a bag of gold in your backyard.

Train Operators

So, the next time you encounter a pilot with a smidge too much attitude, remember—it’s not them, it’s us.
We’ve built them up to be more than just skilled professionals. Perhaps it’s time to level the playing field and give credit where credit is due, without the unnecessary ego trip. After all, a taxi driver’s journey through city streets might not be as glamorous, but it’s a feat of its kind. And who knows, maybe the next time you hail a cab, you’ll find yourself in the presence of a cab pilot who doesn’t talk to you because he thinks he is superior as he knows how to drive a taxi and have a taxi licence. What would you do, abuse him LOL!

Oye Pilot, Delhi Chalega?
Ankit aKi Malik