Thank You Note by Ankit Malik – Ankit2World 2019-2020

Hey guys, wish you all a very happy new year from Ankit2World and team. I want to start this blog by extending my love to all who supported Ankit2World through ups and downs. There were many months in 2019 when I was unable to blog and provide the content to all my readers, but my aim in 2020 is to be regular, fun and add-on more interesting editions for all the readers.

For me 2019 was special as I was awarded “Best 100 Movie Blogs” and people started recognizing me as the best Hollywood movie blogger in India and the top 100 movie blogger in the world. So, THANK YOU once again for taking out time to visit my blog

It was fun seeing Ankit2World as the best comics blogger in India and ranking top on Google. I gained some 50K+ new users and 1.5L website visits. My 2020 aim is to double even triple the numbers. For which I am determined and I know that I have to do a lot of hard work ahead.

Also, stay tuned as me aka A2W will also add new features in the website. Stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter, and Insta to know more.Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand - Ankit2World Thailand Travel

May God Bless You All, God Bless Ankit2World.

Happy NewYear!
Ankit Malik – aKi