Sean Parker: My Role Model

When it comes to role models we choose famous personalities and well-known names worldwide, but there are many personalities who did tremendous jobs in their life, achieved the impossible and yet not known by 60% of the people worldwide.

You all have heard about Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill gates etc. They are famous and by famous I mean 98% people in the world know them.

But have you heard of Sean Parker or Sam Walton?

50% YES and 50% NO. We’re are going to talk about (SEAN PARKER) He is my Idol and my role model. But before that let’s have a quick look at Sam Walton’s life. Sam is founder of world’s biggest retail corp. with annual revenue of Us $482.31 Billion in 2015. Sam Walton use to milk the family cow and deliver the bottles to customer in early age. Afterwards he delivered newspapers on cycle and during his college time he waited tables and worked in multiples jobs to earn livelihood.

Now let’s come to Sean Parker! During his childhood he created trouble for himself when he was young. I somehow feel I am like him (in-terms of personality not revenue 🙁

Sean Parker is the first president of Facebook. Does that ring any bell? The same guy who saw The Facebook on the computer of his roommate’s girlfriend. Ha! Ha! Ha! Let’s not go in there… He met Mark and his partner and then was offered to join Facebook as president. Facebook was 5 months old at that time. He was Facebook first investor. He believed in Mark’s idea.

Sean parker & mark zuckerberg

It’s believe to be Parker’s idea to remove ‘The’ from ‘The Facebook’ and keep it only ‘Facebook’. In 2005 Parker was arrested for possession of cocaine in his rented house but was not charged of any crime, but this incident was afterwards used by other Facebook investors to remove him as president. Today he is still 4% partner of Facebook and believe me it’s a lot.

The big question is Who was Sean Parker before Facebook? Let me tell you, ever heard of Napster? When Sean Parker was 15 he made a friend online named Shawn Fanning. Their friendship happened on the basis on their topics like hacking and theoretical physics. After some years they both together founded Napster. Napster was a free music sharing platform and gained 10 Million within a year. Whoo hoo now that’s what I am talking about. Later Napster faced some legal issues and changed its direction. Hey-I am not talking about Napster google it if you want to know more about it.

Let’s go some more time back in Parker’s life. When he was 7 father taught him to program Atari 8-bit home computer. His father said to him “if you are going to take risks, take them early before you have a family.”. That is so cool and true. By the time he was a teenager his hobbies were hacking and programming.

Sean Parker

One night he was hacking into the network of Fortune 500 company but stuck inside and was unable to log out. His father removed his computer keyboard to save him but still the F.B.I agents tracked down his IP address and caught the him, he was only 16 then.

Well this and much more of a person Sean Parker for me is. His present net worth is 2.5 billion US dollars. Founder of Napster, Plaxo and Airtime. He was stubborn, focused and clever.

I always wanted to dedicate my first blog to him

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Ankit Malik (aKi)

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