Is the youth of India turning into Mindless Followers?

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So, picture this – there are a million zombies and all they want is to run mindlessly, run towards jobs in a herd, education in a herd and you’re wondering, “What happened to independent thought?” Well, my friends, it’s the story of our education system, job market, cultural chaos, and the grand stage of influencers. Sorry, you might get hurt reading this, but seems like people in India love boycott culture, so go on and do the same with me but as I said – TRUTH is always BITTER. Let the rollercoaster of mindless youth begin.

Education System:
Ah, the good old Indian education system – where thinking outside the box is practically illegal. Learning is the name of the game, and if you can memorize the entire textbook, congrats, you’re a genius. Because who needs critical thinking when you can regurgitate information like a robot? Learn from our Media :D.

India is a not-so-poor land where we love spending on education. But hold on – who’s footing the bill? Surprise, surprise, it’s our parents! And we are proud of it? Well, this can be a topic for a different blog.

Indian Job Market:
Picture this – a job market so competitive that everyone’s racing to be doctors, engineers, or something equally “respectable’’ or millions of young people take the exams to be in railway and govt. Jobs. Here the jobs are not the problem, the education is – we don’t have a proper education system in line. Time to break free, my friends! How about we encourage a few professional gamers, hackers (ethical), painters, palaeontologists, astronomers etc

Cultural Shifts:
In the great Indian cultural shake-up, traditional values are trying to dance with modern chaos. Result? Confused youth trying to fit into a society that’s still determining where it’s headed. We are a country that miserably fails to differentiate between religion and politics in the present day. It’s 2024 when will we start questioning about medical, education and culture instead of religion in politics?

Influencers and Social Media:
Oh, the glory of social media! It’s the place where everyone becomes an overnight expert. Your uncle, your neighbour, even your dog – they’re all influencers now. It’s a joke, right? Why put in hard work when you can post a picture of yourself in good clothes and you have mindless youth liking your picture and senseless videos? Is it that we Indians love fashion or is it because we are sexually obsessed – huh huh, Oh one more truth which will offend so many people living in their bubble.

Sorry or not sorry but India’s youth is turning into mindless zombies.

There is still time for a plot twist. Let’s revamp the education system, shake up the job market and spend quality time on phones not watching litter – in Hindi KUDA.
Because, in the end, we want a generation of critical thinkers, not just another batch of trend zombies mindlessly marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.

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Ankit (aKi) Malik