Importance of Branding – By ‘Ankit Malik’ A2W

Branding, and that too online is the bread and butter of any brand looking to make its name visible on the world of Internet. Usually people don’t take branding seriously, they need quick results in-terms of sales, thus they put in all efforts in sales initiative. They miss out the most important part of marketing, to focus on prospects who don’t even know what the company has to offer.

How will sales work without branding. It’s Simple…

People looking for our category product and services will explore, they’ll see our ads and they’ll even click on the same but won’t buy. Reason – Trust issue and they haven’t heard the name before. They would rather buy it from a brand they know. For example – You want to buy a pen and you are looking for the same online. Two companies are putting in same effort and money on the sales ads and offering the same discount.

One is ‘Parker’ second is ‘Unknown – an unheard brand’, which ad will you click, of course ‘Parker’ because you know the brand. Even if you click the ‘Unknown Brand Ad’ you’ll explore but won’t buy. You’ll come back and buy it from ‘Parker’ instead.

I believe once you become a brand and have a greater brand salience, you don’t need to put in big efforts in sales; instead people will come running towards your brand. Looking back at my online & digital career, I got a chance working with many luxury and the biggest brands in India. 8+ Years of Digital & Branding taught me two of the most important things to consider while converting a name into a brand.

Importance of Branding – By ‘Ankit Malik’ A2W

First is Patience – If you don’t have patience, you’ll lose out your identity and you’ll end up running after the business with low results. Branding takes lots of effort and time to build up, but once it’s done, the business won’t look back and will surely reach its maximum potential.

Second is Trust – It’s really important to trust that your brand has a potential to become what you need for it to become. Trust gives you a satisfaction and confidence to go ahead at greater speeds to achieve your desired goal. I am a brand fanatic because I just love brands and the outcome they get out of the right set of branding.

Presently I am working with Name which has all the potential of becoming one of the best brand in coming year.

Kept My Fingers Crossed
Ankit Malik