A2W visits Delhi’s Newest Luxury Hospital ‘Rosewalk Healthcare’

There are not many high-end luxury hospitals in India. The concept is overall new and unique. In India people usually find it difficult to connect hospitals and luxury together. It’s strange but not unreal. We are evolving all together. Where our elders use to look at the price tags only, we the present generation look at quality & value and that’s the only reason why we love spending our hard-earned money on things that really matter. Not that our elders were wrong, but we have found a way to use our money for services and products which are worth it and makes us happy.

We love eating at high-end restaurants because we are sure we’ll get quality food in a clean and hygienic environment.

We love staying in 5-star hotels because we’re sure we’ll get clean beddings, amazing services and a comfortable stay.

But we never look for a hospital which has all the amenities like comfortable stay, good food, amazing services and most of all, a HYGENIC environment.

I recently visited Rosewalk Healthcare: Luxury Hospital for Women located in Panchsheel Park, South Delhi. The experience was quite unique and amazing. I never in my dreams thought that such a place could exist in Delhi. At first look, the whole idea of a hospital was missing. I thought I ended up at the wrong place. I have always seen hospitals with a big red cross, hoardings that display medical services, and chemists nearby or inside the facility. At Rosewalk however, I felt like I was walking into a 7-Star luxury hotel. 

I was greeted well and my car was taken care of by the valet. Then I walked in, with a sub-conscious assumption, that I’ll see a real hospital, but I was disappointed (In a good way of-course). People at the front desk were as well dressed as you’d find in any 7-Star hotel. They reached out to me in a very sophisticated and polite full way. I was impressed! The interiors were nothing like that of a hospital; all I could see was a pure essence of luxury and a feeling of warmth & comfort in the air. I found designer furniture, beautiful ceilings with chandeliers, mirror tiles and unique works of art on the walls.

I was getting a bit skeptical as I experienced the place. I kept thinking, if they even have the medical facilities to fulfill health requirements. Right at that moment, I was asked to take a tour of a hospital along with my friend and his expecting wife. Then came the biggest surprise of all!

• Rosewalk actually has Delhi’s best team of Doctors and medical care experts.

• As per the manager, they are one of the few hospitals in India to have GE 4D ultrasound machine.

• They actually have a blood storage unit within the hospital. Man! That’s rare.

• Also I saw fully equipped operation theaters with all the modular and latest technologies.

My eyes were wide open, and I found myself in a dilemma. I was confused whether I am in India or not. But it was not over, it’s never over when you are at Delhi’s most amazing and unique hotel, Oh, my bad, I meant hospital.

The manager took me to their café, Café Joya and that’s when I started drooling (Ha! Ha!).
To my surprise I came to know that the food they serve in the hospital is by a kitchen set-up by The Lodhi. WHOA!!! (Shouting Silently: Who Serves LODHI food in the hospital?). On top of that, the menu was vast. They take special care of each and very patient’s requirement and serve food that is healthy and medically approved.

Wait there’s more: I was taken to the toy shop and the chemist. I observed that everything Rosewalk has, carries a touch of excellence. Their motto is to provide you with anything-everything within their facility.

I experienced a WOW in every step I took inside Rosewalk hospital. Their concept inspired me and I am sure if my Mom-Wife-Sister-Friend needs any medical assistance, Rosewalk will not only take good care, but also provide personalized services for them. So, I can relax sipping my hot-chocolate in Café Joya, and leave all my worries into the hands of the experts.

I went there for a maternity query with my friend and his wife, and they obviously booked Rosewalk for their first baby. I wish both of them all the best and may their baby be blessed with great health.

I was kidding with my friend, that since his baby will be born in such a luxury environment, he or she will be special right from the beginning. A baby born with a silver spoon in a golden place.

Cheerio Guys!
Ankit Malik