5 Type of Best Friends Everyone Should Have

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Friendships is an essence of life. Without friends life seems colorless and boring. My friends are part of my life just like my family. No matter how much time (Less-More) we spend together, we’ll always remain in each other hearts for ever. True friendship is like a rare animal these days. You don’t get good friends easily out there in today’s world. This blog is dedicated to my friends (You can dedicate it to yours too)…

I have a group called KAMINAAZ: p Believe me, We are even worst, so the name is worth it! It’s always said that a guy in girls group and girl in guys group has a tendency to destroy the relationship between friends. I say its 50-50. It’s completely depends on nature of your friends and the new entry guy/girl to make sure the existing friends stays same as before and that’s what wonderful people do! If I talk more about it, the blog will become extremely personal. So let’s have some fun with kind of BEST FRIENDS we encounter in our everyday life, So called (ROZMARRA KI ZINDAGI)!

5 Type of Best-Friends Everyone Should Have

1. The TWIN Best-Friend
twinsThis one is your lost TWIN in the ‘kumbh ka mela’ type. You both are so alike. You think the same way. Your sense of humour matches so well that sometimes you both are the only people laughing at a joke in the room full of people. You both wish you were real brother/sisters. You wish to get home nearby so that you both can live together for ever. You simply can’t be without each other.

2. The BROmance Best-Friend
bromance(Tu toh JAAN hai meri) (You are my life) type friend. When they meet they hug each other for the longest time and whisper: ‘I love you yaar’ in the ears. Even your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband are jealous of this friend. When you meet you forget everything that’s going around you. You know each-others secrets and keep them well-kept and only laugh at them when you both are alone. Your other best friends in the group calls you husband and wife…

3. Drinks? Best-Friend
best friend Ankit2worldWell, this one is famous for the interesting incidents happens in your timeline… The one who drink so well and the one who cleans up afterwards! These two go complete AWOL in parties to have a drink together and to click funny pics. They support each other in all the times when it come s to BKC (If you don’t know what BKC is, go and watch POGO).

4. Brutally Honest Best-Friend
honest-friend ankit2worldWell, the one who speaks everything at your face. You two know each other so well that if you are caught doing wrong. This friend will kick you’re a$$ like a typical villain in the house. She or He will still love you but at the same time so angry with you for doing some stupid stuff you should not have done. They enlighten you and show you the right path. They stand with you as a pillar and support you through difficult situations.

5. The CRAZZZY Best Friend
crazy-friend ankit2worldThis one is the centre or attraction and the most pampered one. The one who drinks and does all kind a funny crazy shit that happens in a party. Dances like a clown just to make his dear friends laugh. The one who makes the videos of after party and share with everyone… Brutal English and Grammar murder after certain drinks. A guy who know he/she can trust his friends when he is completely out of control.

I am pretty sure when you all have that one best-friend you can relate with any of the points mentioned. No matter what, as I said earlier BEST FRIEND are gift to life and they are rare… If you ask my Best Friends they’ll tell you I am the worst friend ever, still they love me! They accept you with all your flaws even after your wrong doings and dates confusion habbits, They do fight and teach you lessons, they provide comfort when required, they make you cry by pulling your leg, they eat all your food (paste), they puke at your home and you end up cleaning floor till 5 A.M in the morning and making sure they are sleeping well, they counsel you when you have issues at home. No matter how bad you are, they are always there for you. The distance should be no barrier between true friends. So no matter where they are from or where they are living right now… Call, Message, Tell them you love them… and dedicate this blog to them…

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Dedicated to my ‘KAMINAAZ” (Batz, Supes, Ww) 

This is me signing off
Ankit Malik (aKi)