5 Myths & Facts of Fitness Supplements

Why would someone like me who just started going to GYM will write about fitness supplements and why would people believe me because I don’t even have a well-built body.
Well the reason is that it’s not necessary for all the body builder or fitness freaks to have knowledge about supplements. “REMEMBER Knowledge comes to those who SEEK it”. It does not require a big body DUH!

So can I continue now? There are two type of people ONE: who believes everything their trainer or the one with big body says. TWO: People like me who do research before consuming anything into their body, no matter what their trainer tells them to do (They just don’t listen). So my ideas is to help beginners like me who just started or want to start going to the gym for a healthy life style and a good body!

The number one question comes two our mind when we start workout, is Do we need supplements? And the answer is YES, NO or MAYBE… Ha! Ha!


Peeps the answer relies on what your objective or goal is… for example you want to gain weight or loose it? Want cuts or a bulky body? These 5 Myths and Facts will help you reach your goal.

Myths and Facts of Fitness Supplements:

(MYTHS in RED) (FACTS in Blue)

1. Omega 3 is found in FISH OIL only
Omega 3 is also found in Walnuts, Soybeans, Spinach, berries and more…

The only reason FISH OIL is popular because it contains a large amount of OMEGA 3 fatty acid in it. For veggies’ it’s bit of a sad news that they have to consume a very large amount to reach their Omega 3 goals for fitness.

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2. Whey Protein makes you FAT
For the information Whey Protein also considered for the people to wants to loose fat without losing their muscle size.

Only one thing makes you FAT and that’s your excessive eating habit.

3. I need Weight Gainer to have a Good Body
Are you guys’ nut? Who take weight/mass gainer to gain muscle? With Mass and Weight gainer will only gain fat because it gives you large amount of Calories.

Information time
(To grow Muscle You Need PROTEIN)
(To grow weight You Need CALORIES)
Whey Protein gives you pure protein without calories and Mass gainer gives you HEAVY CALORIES.

4. Protein supplements is only for Male
Sorry guys, but all the health supplements are also for women. They too need protein while exercising or while losing weight.

Just like any guy, girls also need proper diet and training.

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5. Good Body can be built without protein.
This is the most epic SHIT I hear from regular guys in India. Tell me how can you build muscle without protein? I am not saying that you need a proper protein supplement.

If your daily food intake is high in protein and enough to reach your protein goals don’t buy supplements. Supplements only helps in reaching ones daily nutrition goals.

I just want to add on one last thing. Puh-Lease Come over this DABBA myth and start studying and doing some research. Most of time I hear people saying that (USNE DABBA KHA K BODY BANAYI HAI) (He Built his body buy eating supplements). These supplements are the same thing you eat in your daily food, they are consumed in-order to reach daily nutritional goals. They are not STEROIDS…

Dear people

Please do Study-Research and also educate others…. Stop being a SHEEP to follow others, use your brains and only do what you like.


Let me know if you want me to add something on the blog or have suggestion. Feel free to comment your views below

Happy GYMing!
Ankit Malik (aKi)

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