5 Most Interesting Unsolved Mysteries around the World.

We all love Mysteries, don’t we? Especially the unsolved ones. We dive deep in the pool of our own imagination to solve the mystery in general. We keep wondering how, why and what. We love the possibility of Aliens, Ghost and unknown powers, it just give us the creepy chills down the spine. 

So let’s have a look at the 5 Most Interesting Unsolved Mysteries around the World.

No. 5: The Magnetic Hill I am pretty sure that 90% of you must have heard about the mystery and many had the experience themselves. The Magnetic Hill of Ladakh, India, pulls cars on the steep road on its own moving the vehicle at speed of up to 20 KMPH. It’s still a hidden mystery and also known as ‘Himalayan Wonder’. It’s claim that the mountains and the road create an optical illusion and are aligned in a way which makes the region seems like a steep uphill but the road actually goes down. Yet it’s not confirmed by any of Indian scientist. So it ‘still on my list.

No 4: Bermuda Triangle An expanse of ocean between the Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico points form a triangle known as Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda triangle has consumed numerous of Ships and Planes in the past. Pilots around the world have witnessed technical issues in their instruments while going through it. The incidents are now fading away as the last Ship/Plane lost in Bermuda Triangle was in 2007. The world famous phenomenon is still the most interesting mystery of all time.

No. 3: Area 51 We all know that USA is the best when it comes to hiding secrets. Officially the AREA 51 is a remote facility of US Airforce. But for many it’s the most active sight for UFO sightings. Area 51 is the top classified places in the world. Number of videos, pictures and interview of people who claim to see a UFO around Area 51 can be found on internet. Rumours are that Area 51 is the base of US military working with Aliens in the Top Secret process.

No 2: Sailing Stones What, Winds move the stones which are not only heavy but also on a surface which is not slippery at all? Yet, it’s not confirmed. The stoned of Racetrack Playa slowly move on the surface by them self-leaving the tracks behind. No one has actually filmed the stones moving, it’s one of the most interesting unsolved mystery around the world.

No 1: Taos Hum A small town of TAOS in New Mexico is filled with a mysterious sound which can be heard by town’s residents and they call the sound as ‘HUM’. People experience a low pitched sound which can be heard in a quite environment all the time. The sound is like a diesel engine in the distance. The mystery, is that no one was able to find the source of the sound. You can experience the Taos Hum yourself and that’s why it’s the most interesting unsolved mystery around the world.

Bonus: Malaysia Airlines MH370 stays unsolved.
Almost after 3 Years and spending $150 Million for finding the mission flight, the authorities suspended the search in Jan 2017 making is one of the top unsolved aviation mystery.

It surely gives me chills thinking about the same. So tell me your side of the story and what you think in the comments below.

Signing Off
Ankit Malik (aKi)