5 Best Motorcycles (City, Tour, Racing) & Who Should Buy What

Motorcycles fill me with Adventure. I feel like I am flying. Motorcycles are my love, my passion. I personally have a Royal Enfield 350 Thunderbird and believe me I am incomplete love without her. I have even named her as ‘Truckee’! Look at the beauty below (Let me know your motorcycle name is the comments below). My Thunderbird

Motorcycles been in my family for long time. Both my maternal uncle (Mama ji) had modified Yezdi Java and Rajdoot they were hard-core bikers. Seriously those bike were best in the class and were well maintained. My maternal uncle use to tell me stories about their bike rides. The funny part is that I’ve been in 1 or 2 accidents while seating behind them. I remember holing the tank and the handle bar of Yezdi motorcycle when I use to sit in-front while going to school. Those were the best days.

I am a member of Motorcycle Club India & WOW Delhi. I’ve been to couple of places with them. Learnt so much about riding the motorcycles and road etiquettes.
[I will soon write An Articles on motorcycle groups in India]
In many instance my friends and people who know me asked my suggestion while buying a motorcycle. I must tell its one of the most difficult job as everyone has a different taste and body structure according to which they should choose their bike. Therefore I am sharing this article which can help all the buyers planning to get a new motorcycle. The list is according to my choice, if you want you can simple ask me to add a motorcycle in the comments section below.

Though anyone can ride any motorcycle but it’s important to judge yourself on comfort and style over choice of motorcycle.

For example: if you have a short height and want to ride thunderbird. You won’t be comfortable as it will be difficult for your legs to reach the ground every time you stop.

5 Best Motorcycles to Buy for City | Tour | Racing

1. Royal Enfield
Model: Thunderbird | Classic | Standard Bullet
Mode: City and Tour
Price: 1,20,000 to 2,20,000
Who Should Buy: Royal Enfield is not everyone’s cup of tea. In-case you are going for an older version should have a healthy built and height, Say at least 5.8 ft.

2. KTM
Model: RC 200 |RC 390
Mode: Racing and City
Price: 1,80,000 to 2,30,000
Who Should Buy: KTM RC is a beautiful sports bike with good engine power. If you height is 5.5 ft. plus you can easily manage to ride KTM without any issues. People with back problem should avoid the bike due to riding posture.

3. Bajaj
Model: Avenger 220
Mode: City and Tour
Price: 90,000
Avenger 220
Who Should Buy: People with small heights can easily ride this bike as this bike has low height and good balance. People above 6 ft. should avoid riding this bike because it curves the backbone in riding posture.

4. Honda
Model: CBR250R
Mode: Racing and City
Price: 1,75,000
Honda CBR
Who Should Buy: This bike is heavy which means if you are very thin don’t go for it. Minimum height to ride this bike is around 5.5ft.

Model: Sports S | Renegade Commando
Mode: City and Tour
Pricing: Little Expensive: 1,80,000
UM Renegade
Who Should Buy: Heavy bike, a person with good health with any normal height to long height can comfortable and fashionably ride this motorcycle easily.

At the end it doesn’t matter which motorcycle you ride. What matters is how you drive, always wear an ISI marked helmet, obey traffic rules, obey riding rules, respect your fellow riders, respect your bike and enjoy the road as you ride.

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle”
– Dan Aykroyd

Let me know your views in the comments below.

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