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Being a MAN is more of a responsibility than anything else. You’ve been taught things from the beginning of the life, which makes you the ‘Man’ you become. Especially in ‘India’, you have the responsibility of your younger brothers and sisters. When you grow up you take the responsibility of earning and also last responsibility of the most wonderful thing in the world ‘Family’ until the end of the life.

This piece of an article is not to piss or offend someone, but to focus on the small part of Men’s life. It’s not that Men’s are better but it’s about that they have feeling and emotions too… I know Women do the same and the world talks about them. Today’s women are stronger than Men and more responsible and they are doing pretty good ‘God Bless Them’.

So I thought, why not give myself a little credit, but it doesn’t work this way. We don’t want a credit but love. Don’t we deserve some affection?

“Stuck in between all the fuss around, even we break down
At that time, we surely need an attachment to keep our-self calm.
The moments we live is mostly for others.
Then why even one we love sometimes put us down?” – A2W

So here’s are the 10 reasons and signs that even Man have emotions and they need love too.

Sharing a problem is not as easy as it may seem for us.


We mostly try to manage stuff and problems on our own.


It’s difficult for us to express our feelings easily to the world.


Forcing a smile on our face is what we’ve learnt through a sad phase.


We’ve not learnt to accept if anything’s wrong in our life.


If broken we would prefer to stay alone or drink


Broken from inside, makes us cold and harsh but we are not that bad.


We are taught that ‘Real Man Are Strong’ thus we try to keep it that way.


Men don’t cry is what they say and So we don’t even if we are emotionally shattered.


Need love, but we don’t ask for it – It’s the major flaw in our personality.


So Cheers to me and all the men reading this. Because we are special, we make the world around us happy.

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Enough Boasting about Myself now:
Ankit Malik (aKi)

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