Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand

Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand - Ankit2World Thailand Travel

You all must be thinking, where is Ankit? Well, I was on a holiday which took long enough to plan. I left my laptop at home for converting this holiday to a big break from the everyday life of work. This holiday was much needed and it turned out great. My experience in the Paradise City of Thailand was nothing less than extraordinary.

We went to Pattaya – The Well-Known Paradise of Thailand and for some Las Vegas of India. It was a complete 7 Days trip and believe me, I felt like 7 days were not enough. I and my group wanted to stay more…

If you love Nightlife Pattaya is the place for you. Usually, life starts in Pattaya after 9 pm. Pattaya is beautiful and amazing at night. Our main motive for the trip was to celebrate my Lil-bro’s birthday. We celebrated his extra lavish birthday in Nasha and the never before VIP experience took us by AWW. Nasha organized an amazing Birthday Party for us by giving us a VVIP Lounge upstairs and Private Area in the middle of the disco for cake-cutting and Champagne. Though this single party cost us around 20000 Bhat which is still better than lounge and disc in Delhi NCR. The other club is Tony. Both Tony and Nasha are Indian clubs owned by the same owner. They both are considered as one of the best Indian clubs in Pattaya.Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand - Ankit2World Thailand Travel

For traveling around the city, we opted for Private SUV’s and Vans as we wanted to ride in style. Not only vehicles, but we also took a private boat to coral island round trip which was one of the most memorable trips we ever made.
Coral Islands ‘Hand Down’ one of the most beautiful ocean places seen in my life. The seawater was clean and transparent. One of my friends found a Jelly Fish in his shoe and we left him later.Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand - Ankit2World Thailand Travel

I am a Sea Lover. I consider ocean my home and thus, everything related to the ocean is a YES YES for me. I can spend 3-4 hours on the beach sitting quite while sipping my beer. 5 of my friends went to beach at 3 am in the morning and sat there till the morning. We were listening to beautiful music via our Bluetooth speaker while sitting quietly. It was surely one of the best times we spent together while listening the sound of the ocean mixed with the music of ours.

The Art in Paradise was Ok, I won’t say that it was good. Especially if you are with a couple of your friends and not family. They ask you to download an App and use the same to ta0ke pictures and videos inside. I found it bit lame tried to enjoy but felt kind of boring inside. If you are in Pattaya, I would suggest, skip the Art in Paradise if you can.Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand - Ankit2World Thailand Travel

Food in Pattaya was amazing. There are more Indian Restaurants in Pattaya than any other restaurant. But I loved the Sea Food Outlets. Guess What – I had a Crocodile. Now I’ll be able to tell my great-grandchildren that your Grandpa ate a Crocodile. Burgers and Snacks in 7Eleven were the lifesavers for most of us. For some of us who were vegetarians, Pattaya got a good option of Paranthas and other Indian Foods.Trip to the Paradise City of Thailand - Ankit2World Thailand Travel

Please Note: VEG-Food is more expensive than NON-VEG food in Pattaya and Bangkok.


Overall, it was the most memorable TRIP of my life and I will cherish the moments with my friends for a lifetime.

Love the Paradise City
Ankit Malik (aKi)