Delhi to Bangkok by road, What?

The title is not just to attract you. It’s real. It came as a shock to me as well. I was in office when my cousin called me up and said Bro, let’s go to Bangkok by road and I laughed my a$$ out. After the research I came to know it’s very much possible. The amazing India to Thailand drive is real. 

The highway recently started operating in June 2016 approx.

I love going on road trips. Imagine a road trip from Delhi to Bangkok. Places and roads never seen before. Scenic beauty of our beautiful east India and other countries are worth it.

Whoa, I can’t stop imagining! But while being excited I thought about other major points and tips like:

• Road trip would be expensive than going by flight.
• You have to be prepared for anything / everything.
• Your vehicle should be perfect condition
• Google shows 3 Day to travel. Make is 5-6 Days one sided trip.
• Should carry your passports as you will cross more than one border on this trip.
• Visa applications with recent photographs
• Currency of the country you are in for paying the fine and toll
• All the insurance yours – vehicle
• The trip is not for families with kids

The total distance between Delhi to Bangkok is 4,200 Km (Approx.) and the time depends on one’s stoppage / Halt times. But the fun part would be staying on road for most of the time into the unknown world of sheer beauty. The famous places you’ll encounter while driving from Delhi to Bangkok are following: (P.S It’s not a route)

a. Agra Agra

b. Lucknow Lucknow

c. Guwahati Guwahati

d. Shillong Shilong

e. Bagan bagan

f. Mandalay Mandalay

g. Yangon Yangon

h. Start of Thailand Thailand

Do remember! An International Drivers’ Permit is a must in-case you want to drive in other countries.

Quote Time:
It is good have an end to journey toward:
But it is the journey that matters, In the end.

I am wondering when me and my cousin’s will be all set and ready for this trip but one thing is for sure… It would become the journey of a lifetime.

Feel free to share your views in comments below.

Ankit Malik (aKi)