Suzuki Intruder 150cc motorcycle Honest Review by A2W

I am Motorcycle’s fan boy and motorcycles like these excite me to the craziest level. There are three types of riders in India. First are those who buy motorcycles for an easy regular commute. They need mileage and don’t care about the looks. Secondly, there are those who are a bit younger and they do care about the looks but also they need all the amenities in the bike which the first category has like easy regular commute, mileage etc. 

Now comes the third category of people who are bike frenzies. They are the ones who know what’s under the hood (the bike’s engine), don’t really care about mileage, know the history of company and all about the model of the bike. They know how to take care of the beauty and treat their bike as their girlfriend. Also, there’s a fourth category – Superbike Lovers – We are not talking about them though! (Sorry)

I fall under the third category; I use to have 2 TBs (Thunderbirds) at my place. I sold one and now I only have 1 bird with me and it looks exotic.

The reason I wrote about the type of bikers in India is because of the beautiful new launch by Suzuki, It’s the Intruder 150cc. It’s no doubt one of those bikes which falls under the third category of bike lovers. For those who don’t know the history, the original ‘Intruder’ is a heavy Cruiser Bike, 1800cc and she is a HUGE bird, I mean really Huge. Intruder M1800R is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, Suzuki came out with a much smaller and affordable version of the Intruder for India.

Image Credits: Suzuki India – Original Intruder M1800R

The new Intruder as Suzuki says is ‘India’s Modern Cruiser’ and there’s no doubt in that. They have launched this bike in direct competition to the Bajaj Avenger (I had that bike too)

Here’s the description of the new ‘Suzuki Intruder 150cc’.

Image Credits: Suzuki India

Engine Type: 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, Air-cooled
Valve System: SOHC, 2 Valve
Displacement: 154.9 cm3
Bore x Stroke: 56.0 mm x 62.9 mm
Engine Output: 14.8ps@8000rpm
Torque: 14Nm@6000rpm
Fuel System: Carburetor
Starter System: Electric
Transmission: Type5 Speed, MT
Front: 100/80 – 17 – Tubeless
Rear: 140/60R – 17 – Radial Tubeless
Front: Telescopic
Rear: Swing Arm Type


I had a chance to test drive this bike at ‘Auto Zone’, Okhla Industrial Area, Delhi and clicked some real pictures to give you my honest opinion. Special Thanks to ‘Mr Atul’ – the showroom manager and his staff. Here’s the no. (011-41401021), so book your test ride today!

A2W: Pictures – Special Thanks to The ‘Auto Zone’ showroom

Let’s come to Pros and Cons of the Suzuki Intruder 150cc

-Unique and Stylish Design – Surely will turn some heads when you ride.
-Heavy and Solid Body – Heavy duty body for a nice feeling of security.
-Powerful Engine – Runs like a horse. I was under an impression that a bike can cruise only with a heavy body, but it proved me wrong.
-Comfortable: The riding position is very comfortable and it’s very easy to ride. Long Rides are way good!
-Pillion Seats: Comfortable riding experience and much space for the girl sitting behind you 🙂

-Turning Radius: Because, the Intruder is bigger than Avenger, the turning radius is low.
-Tires: Small tires – I just didn’t like them.
-Sound: Though the exhaust looks dashing, but the bike sounds like any other 150cc on the road.

Here are some pictures I took of the Suzuki intruder 150cc

A2W: Pictures – Bike Front
A2W: Pictures – Bike ‘Side’
A2W Pistures – Asked my friend ‘Vipul’ to sit on the bike and make funny pose 🙂 p.s look at his face!

Ex Showroom Price Delhi: Rs 99,995/-

Over all the bike is amazing. It’s good to see a unique cruiser design after a long time on the road. I am sure that the ‘Suzuki Intruder’ will surely leave a mark on bike fans’ hearts.

Biker Dude
Ankit Malik (aKi)