Facebook Introduced Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics.

This week, i.e. the second week of Dec 2019. Facebook added new performance measurement opportunities in the Facebook Ad Manager which also includes Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics.

It will surely help the users who manage multiple ad accounts in their Facebook ads manager. Users managing Facebook Ads manager will be able to get a clearer overall view of their accounts. Also, there is an option of extracting the data from each Facebook ad account from a single dashboard.

Facebook Said: “With cross-account reporting, you’ll be able to see metrics – such as reach, impressions, and conversions – across multiple ad accounts. This reporting surface serves as a one-stop-shop for a clear, concise report on your business’ performance and will allow you to save time that was previously spent manually building reports.”

For better management and streamlining your ads on Facebook on different account, this new implementation will provide an easy way to measure and compare the Facebook ad performances. Also, there is a new listing which will display de-duplicate reach within the Facebook ads data.Facebook Introduced Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics.

To help Facebook ad users, the ad manager is rolling out new custom metrics choice using which the user will be able to build their formulas for relevant goals according to their business needs.

This option is available if you have a dedicated Ad Management account on Facebook or for those who are running some larger ad scale initiatives.

Hope this information is helpful for all the Social Media Managers who are specifically managing the large and enterprises Facebook ad accounts.

Social Media Expert
Ankit Malik (aKi)

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