Facebook Business Manager, Aware of it?

Ever heard of ‘Facebook Business Manager’? It has been around for some time now. For those who don’t know Facebook came up with Facebook Business Manager (FBM) in 2014. I work in & around Digital all the time and encountered many so called social media managers, agencies and digital marketers who don’t even know what Facebook Business Manager is… Simply creating and managing a Facebook page don’t make you a social media manager, there is lot more to it! My suggestion is…

“RESEARCH & STUDY, it never stops when you are working in Digital” 

Why Facebook business manager is important?
Managing multiple Facebook accounts via outside consultants (agencies) or in-house team always raise a question of security, having to give accounts/page access to multiple people you can’t trust. I have seen people linking their personal Facebook profiles with business pages while working in an agency or creating a fake profile to get the access of the page. Fake profiles to manage pages and ad accounts is a risk business owners or agencies managing multiple account take these days.
With Facebook Business Manager you can manage, monitor, allow the control of page & the ad account along with information of each employee and their assigned roles. You can also request the access of page admin, ad analyst, page editor, Advert manager within business manager and the owner will receive a notification for the permission.

The only minus point of Facebook Business Manager is once you apply for it there’s no turning back. You won’t be able to access the advert account from the personal profile. You’ll always need to log into you Facebook Business Manager to do so!

Plus point, you can create separate ad accounts for the clients. Different payment methods to pay for the ads. Either help your client advertise or become the advertiser yourself. Assign roles and easily see who’s working on what!

How to get started?
You can either create new business accounts or claim you existing one! When you claim them, the accounts will be removed from your personal profile permanently. You can also claim your Instagram account in the same.

• Simply go to https://business.facebook.com/ and create new account
• Give in your Business name (Enter the name of the business you work for (an ad or marketing agency or a company, for example). If you serve clients, you’ll add them later.)

Follow the rest of the steps… this blog is not for steps to create a new Facebook Business manager account. Do research, read and experiment on your own guys!

Do share you experience using Facebook Business Manager or ask questions in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help!

Shift’s Over!
Ankit Malik (aKi)