Robert Downey Jr. & Avengers: Infinity War Director’s Appeals to all the Fans
Image Credits: Marvel Studios / Disney

Our beloved ‘Robert Downey Jr.’ and Avengers: Infinity War directors ‘Russo Brothers’ have requested all the Avengers Fans not to spoil and reveal the major plot of Avengers: Infinity War for other viewers. The team of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is organizing a press tour during which they will showcase some parts of the movie to a selected few. Also, they have asked all the fans to maintain secrecy in order to provide the other viewers with the first time amazing experience in the coming months. 

A2W’s View:
It’s ok to make predictions and share your expertise & knowledge about movies. It’s also absolutely OK to guess the plots with your learning you get from the comics. But it is NOT OK AT ALL to spoil or reveal the real plot of the movie for people who haven’t seen the same yet.

At A2W – Ankit2World: I always share my knowledge of Comics with my readers; not only that, I also try to promote one of my most favorite movie series in the world i.e. ‘Avengers’. So, I promise that even if I get a chance to see the movie before anyone else, I won’t reveal the major PLOT/REVEALS to, my fellow readers. Instead, as usual, I will only provide honest reviews about the acting, actions and the movie overall.

‘A2W aka Ankit2World’ won’t reveal Avengers: Infinity War major plot to the readers, even if I get a chance to see the movie before its release, which I am sure, I will 🙂 

I support #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

At last, I wish the Avengers: infinity War team all the best for the release.

True Fan!
Ankit Malik (aKi)