Mr. Bean’s Death is Far More Deadly Than You Think. Beware!

Mr. Bean’s Death is Far M0ore Deadly Than You Think. Beware!

On 19-Jul-2018, the internet was flooded with RIP messages. Mr. Bean’s legendary actor ‘Rowan Atinkson’ fake death hoax was all over the net. This news was specially targeted to those social media users who believe that everything anything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is real and the correct source of news.

Hooray! The good news is that our beloved Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson is not only alive but leading a good healthy life ‘Touchwood’. He is presently busy with the promotion of his latest movie ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’.Mr. Bean’s Death is Far M0ore Deadly Than You Think. Beware!

Why Beware?
Dear Reader, no matter how much you love ‘Rowan Atkinson’, pleases ‘Do Not Open’ the link of his fake death hoax. According to reports, clicking on the link would take users to an error page claiming the system lockdown with customer support number to sort out the problem. The support number is reported fake as it may steal your private information like credit card or bank account details.

However, the news was absolutely a hoax still some or I would say, many poor users started bombarding social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with their RIP messages. (aKi Grinning)

So, it’s a humble request to all the A2W readers to be safe and do some research before believing on the single point of news resource.

Safe is Good
Ankit Malik (aKi)