Fortune-Telling Government and Supporting Media: Tricking People into Believing It’s Already Done!

Seems like a typical political circus is unfolding in India! Let me delve into the surreal world of fortune-telling, where our government and its media employ the magic of PR to trick the audience into believing that the enchanting events of “Koi Mil Gaya” are a reality. To top it off, our educated Janta seems more than willing to embrace these illusions.

I’m left wondering when I come across headlines proclaiming India’s imminent transformation into a $5 trillion economy by 2024, delivered with such determination that readers start planning grand celebrations for this supposed achievement. Don’t get me wrong – it might happen, but when? The reality might unfold in 2027 or perhaps later. The primary reason for the 2024 deadline? Elections are around the corner, and the government needs a captivating narrative to make fools of those who believe in something seemingly impossible. It’s not akin to predicting rain in August; it’s more like forecasting snowfall in Delhi, especially in June. Why am I saying this? Keep your eyes open and observe your surroundings. How many people are securing jobs, and how many, despite their education, are engaged in below-average work? Furthermore, a $5 trillion leap represents almost 40% of the current economy in just one year – a claim that, if not downright absurd, is at least highly improbable. I am sensible enough to acknowledge that such a feat is unlikely.

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Congratulations on the Ram Mandir – May Lord Ram bestow upon you wealth, health, and, most importantly, lots of BRAINS to think logically while remaining in your senses. Is religion merely a business for you all? Was the Ram Mandir constructed for devotion or monetary gains? I came across the Business Today headline, “Rs 4 Lakh Crore & Counting,” implying that something substantial is already in motion. But where did this report originate? It’s a study, conducted curiously just before the Ram Mandir inauguration, by SBI, accompanied by a comically small disclaimer at the end:

Disclaimer: The write-up on Economic & Financial Developments is based on information & data procured from various sources, and no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of facts and figures. The Bank or the Research Team assumes no liability if any person or entity relies on views, opinion, or facts & figures finding in this Report.

It doesn’t even qualify as quantitative research, and to me, it appears more like a marketing gimmick to orchestrate PR. Use logical thinking and reasoning – why release a report without concrete facts on January 21, just before the temple inauguration? It’s a move to allow our media to churn out articles in bulk and persuade people to believe in this narrative.

In conclusion, dear A2W readers – you may hate me, but you cannot ignore the facts, well, you can if you want. “Jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai.” What we are witnessing is not just an illusion; it’s a meticulously planned deception by the government and media to make us buy into these stories. There’s still time – either WAKE UP or GET WELL SOON!

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Ankit aKi Malik